2004. Strong organic solvents, while not affecting anodized aluminum, may extract stain-producing chemicals from sealants and may affect the function of the sealants. Posted: 08 May 12 at 7:52am ... As the anodic coating on the aluminium is in effect a form of "decorative corrosion" your light abrading it with material such as scotch bright will expose fresh material to become oxidised as you do the abrading. Properly maintained, an anodized finish can easily last a decade or more. Anodized aluminum extrusions need to be subjected to a thorough cleaning process before being submerged into the chemical bath with an electric current. Cleaning hot, sun-heated surfaces should be avoided since possible chemical reactions will be highly accelerated and cleaning non-uniformity could occur. A lot of trim pieces on older cars were made of aluminum that was anodized. Never use aggressive alkaline (basic) or acid cleaners on aluminum finishes. It's a Kemp mast (original mast on a 43 years old Rival) in gold coloured anodised aluminium. 3M™ Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish revives the appearance of aluminum throughout boats by aggressively removing oxidation and stains. Cleaning anodized aluminum requires having a basic understanding of what it is. Anodizing is a safe process that is not harmful to human health. Although anodized aluminum is extraordinarily resistant to corrosion, discoloration and wear, its natural beauty can be marred by strong chemicals, abuse or neglect. Having done a few other jobs on my mast while its down for the winter, I noticed how faded the aluminium is in most places. Anodizing is a method for changing the surface chemistry of metals and other substrates. Anodizing is an effective way to create a hard, weather resistant surface that will last a number of years without tarnishing. But, if there is some other coating on it like a clearcoat, I suggest you use waterpaper and sand out the acid marks deep as you need to then use a high speed drill with a cloth mop and some polishing compound (rouge). Anodizing if done OK is very hard and even light abrasion won't affect the surface. Quote Reply Topic: Cleaning anodised alloy mast? Anodized aluminum is the clear winner when it comes to providing a very durable, long lasting, protective and lustrous finish for aluminum products- perfect for the marine industry. The anodizing process happens when a piece of aluminum gets submerged in an acid-electrolyte bath. Anodizing can be done on a range of materials, but today let’s look at aluminum. A. Sean - if it is anodized then I bet you'll battle to polish it/clean it/whatever. The boom (which is shaded by … These cleaning procedures require more than a simple cleaning solution. Correctly identify the aluminum finish to be cleaned when selecting an appropriate cleaning method. Electric currents pass through the metal, and oxygen ions attach to the aluminum atoms and create aluminum oxide. How to Clean and Polish Anodized Aluminum. Our product comes in a concentrated formula so a small amount provides a lot of restoration and polishing. Pretreatments of Anodizing Process. It protects against corrosion, enhances aesthetic qualities, resists scratching and is one of the most durable surface finishes available. Use this product to restore the beauty and pride of ownership in your boat. Do not use cleaners containing trisodium phosphate, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, fluorides, or similar compounds on anodized aluminum surfaces.