What Is Philophobia, and How Can You Manage Fear of Falling in Love? https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Haphephobia&oldid=993929003, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 December 2020, at 06:15. Some people have an especially intense form of this phobia and can't even watch romantic movies because they can't stand to watch people touching each other. It has been derived from Greek word haphe which mean touch. Aphenphosmphobia: It is an unusual and weird fear of touching or being touched. Various causes of genophobia might include physical or emotional issues: If there is a physical component present, such as vaginismus, this can be treated accordingly. The Latin name for the fear of being touched is Chiraptophobia.This fear can leave its sufferers feeling alone and isolated. Distressful events like sexual assaults… Are you terrified by the thought of forming connections and falling in love? You are probably aware of the more common phobias, such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), and agoraphobia (fear of open places), but did you know there are also words which describe the fear of idleness , worms , and even body odour ? If left untreated, it might lead to a fear or avoidance of sexual intercourse. A person having haphephobia can instantly get a panic attack and dread a touch from anyone. Is there such a phobia? CBT involves working on developing alternative ways of thinking about the phobia or situation while also learning techniques to address physical reactions to the trigger. Sometimes, this phobia is restricted to specifically being touched by the opposite sex. The issue is how big the phobia or psychological problem is. In some cases, fear of being touched may relate to sexual fears. A phobia and oddities are not that rare in reality, and most people have been scared by one problem in their life or the other. Genophobia or coitophobia is the physical or psychological fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse. Pain with intercourse is common. © 2005-2021 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. People with this phobia might also have Agoraphobia (which is discussed on the Phobia … At its most extreme, this aversion to human contact can turn into a phobia. i just don't. I've hated my neck being touched for a while now, but today my Dad was joking around and he put his hands around my neck and gave me a shake. ( I dont remember the name- ) Just the thought of being touched sexually terrifies me, and I have nightmares of being touched sexually. Erotophobia is often complex, and many sufferers have more than one specific fear. As a result, fear of intimacy is also often associated with a fear of being touched. Chiraptophobia: Fear of being touched If you were thinking that getting scared of kissing was really gross, you’d be amazed to know there’s even a bigger version of such fear. A Strange List Of Phobias We define a phobia as ‘an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something’. Furthermore, this does not only refer to those who hate being touched, but it also refers to people who fear touching others. This condition is treatable. This may be signs of a phobia rather than a normal fear response. The difference between a mild fear and a phobia is that a phobia has a negative impact on your life, affecting it in significant ways. Aphenphosmphobia is the morbid and irrational fear of touches or being touched. It is a complex phobia that may be linked to several other anxiety disorders and sometimes also depression. This phobia is most probably caused by a trauma from sexual assault, with the person suffering from it referencing regular touches with the violent ordeal they had to go through in the past. Next, Being touched sexually. People with this phobia might also have Agoraphobia (which is discussed on the … What Is Haphephobia and How Can You Manage Fear of Touch? Being one of the most common phobias, zoophobia is the fear of animals. The word comes from the Greek nouns γένος genos, meaning "offspring", and φόβος phobos, meaning "fear". I don't even no why i don't like it. They develop Chiraptophobia because they experienced touching, in sexual or non-sexual ways. The term … This phobia is rare, but there…. In fact, for people with PTSD, working with an art therapist has been a lifesaver. If there is a specific cause, treating that cause first is important. I've had this phobia for at least all this year and I havent been sexually abused or sexually touched. It is not something you have to face alone. Some people do not like to be touched. Omphalophobia is a specific phobia which gives rise to a variety of physical and mental symptoms particularly when the phobic (or someone else) accidentally touches his/her belly button, or even by watching someone else touch their own belly. In some cases of this phobia, the person may be scared of getting touched by only the opposite gender. Some people fear being touched because they are afraid of being contaminated. A sex therapist can also be helpful for addressing genophobia. This is true for many cases of specific phobias.3 Most people who cannot trace their haphephobia to a specific event developed the fear in early childhood, but the triggering situation could occur at any time of life. Check out these top anxiety books for help and guidance on managing and overcoming your anxiety. It's related to a fear of choking. I completely freak out when people touch me sometimes. Haphephobia is the fear of being touched. This is often associated with a fear of sexual assault. Chiraptophobia is the fear of being touched. Phobias involve a more marked reaction than simply not liking or being afraid of something. Therefore, there is a line to be drawn as to when it is and isn't okay to make physical contact with another person. People who have this fear avoid contact with people, which could relate back to sexual fears or fears they could become contaminated. Erotophobia is a generalized term that encompasses a wide range of specific fears. Haphephobia (also known as aphephobia, haphophobia, hapnophobia, haptephobia, haptophobia, thixophobia, aphenphosmphobia) is a rare specific phobia that involves the fear of touching or of being touched. This is often associated with a fear of sexual assault. Erythrophobia, which is an intense, irrational, and persistent fear of blushing, can affect your quality of life. Youngsters or adults can develop Chiraptophobia. Sexual assault or other trauma may lead haphephobia, but more often, it seems to develop without any known cause. Fear of sex or sexual intimacy is also called “genophobia” or “erotophobia.” This is more than a simple dislike or aversion. Next, having something behind me that is unknown. This is often associated with a fear of sexual assault. It can also contribute to feelings of isolation and depression. Phobias are treatable with therapy and/or medication, depending on the situation. Fear of sex can interfere with developing romantic relationships. If the accused try to avoid any group activity in fear of being touched. It can be paired with exposure to the feared situation (in a “homework assignment,” for example). You need to have a very frank conversation with your fiancé and get a proper picture from … [14] The fear doesn’t induce at the sight of all the animals, but certain animals trigger intense anxiety in the sufferers. You may have philophobia. Haphephobia[1] (also known as aphephobia,[1] haphophobia,[2] hapnophobia, haptephobia,[1] haptophobia,[1][2] thixophobia,[1] aphenphosmphobia) is a rare specific phobia that involves the fear of touching or of being touched.