So, TL;DR the effect of a neutron sweep would be that everyone and everything on the planet would die horrible and unimaginably excruciating deaths. As far as in-game balancing goes, I do feel like the Neutron Sweep is maybe a bit too OP compared to the others and I like and support your suggestions to nerf it a bit by making tomb-worlds that can't be terraformed for a decade or two and some long-term hab debuffs or permanent planet modifiers. I’d also like the shielded world and planet cracker to perhaps give a bit more? Enter the full URL of your item or group's Polycount page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's reddit page, Enter the full URL to your item or group's Sketchfab page, This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. I'm having way too much fun with this concept. A more immediate effect would also be that you would fry the planet with heat, either directly from the kinetic energy of the neutrons or indirectly through the decay of radioactive byproducts. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Half the factions will begin to hate you if you make it a habit, and it lowers your trust rating. Secondly, it's much more scientifically implausible to create an impenetrable shielded world. For example, you could possibly use a neutron beam like that (or several) to affect how fusion occurs within the interior of a star. Yeah actually it works perfectly well for me. bug report: Your scripted trigger file for planet killers line 145 needs a = sign after the OR currently OR { should be OR = { thanks for the mod. Since you know abouts where to look, I'm looking for the tech id's for the world techs. Blowing up planets to smithereens is too counter-productive, shielding is the same but also really annoying in a passive-aggressive way (figures), and I haven't had many instances to use the Divine Enforcer or the nanobots because of the restrictions. Lastly, it's like arguing about where the mineral deposits on ringworlds come from or why dyson spheres don't generate several orders of magnitude more power than a system with multiple habitat stacked size 25 gaia worlds. But then I’d also like a bioweapon style colossus of sorts that perhaps let me gene edit the pops on a planet so I can give them space herpes or something…. I literally could not use it at all until I got this mod installed. Even the planet itself, which is sentient, will hate you for it and send writhing hordes of mindworms at you. I know a lot of your questions or points don't necessarily mesh with the setting of Stellaris, which seems to have a kind of semi-hard (or semi-flacid, if you prefer) sci-fi atmosphere, but I really appreciate your post and the thought you've put into it. I mean, certainly not actually at it, given the sheer might an ACTUAL Type II would have (heck, I don't think even Fallen Empires are Type II's), but you've gone far past the Type I category by now... As soon as you have a Dyson Sphere, you are a type 2. It also doesn't really affect the momentum of the crisis fleets that much if you use scorched earth galaxy tactics because those spawn at scripted intervals (although contingent on what they control). And not to harp on realism too much, but radiation is also an equal-opportunity annihilator. In order to get neutron flux to the scale of a planet-killer, you would need absurd amounts of deuterium, tritium, and spare energy, then be able to store and deploy it on a single massive ship. It has no electric charge and a rest mass equal to 1.67493 × 10−27 kg—marginally greater than that of the proton but nearly 1839 times greater than that of the electron. FGRaptor [author] Dec 30, 2018 @ 12:03am Updated version check for 2.2.2. I acknowledge that most of the other superweapons are worse. Using a Planet Killer has a ''permanent'' Diplomatic penalty with the target, its Federation allies and Empires with various Ethics. *stretches* Time to take out the trash... @omnidragon001 One older play as precursor mod (maybe First of their Kind?) Updated version check for 2.2.2. And later in the game I'm usually swimming in planets, and a few less makes for a cleaner outliner and less sectors. Also, complaining about the neutron sweep not being scientifically accurate is silly. Thanks!! Oh boy I can't wait to nuke my own capital. The game should reflect that. So those are some scenarios where the world cracker + global pacifier would work better than the neutron sweep. If I want to wipe out an empire completely, I lock a region of space down, bring it in, and go from world to world while keeping the war going as long as possible. In the universe, neutrons are abundant, making up more than half of all visible matter. What is Neutron. Yeah, so what? I haven't thought of that. Hubble looked farther than has ever successfully been searched before for extrasolar planets. Neutron sweeps should turn planets barren with the terraformable modifier. Cliché or not, we all have our favorites, and here's our top twelve world-destroying devices along with some science behind the fiction. The Planet Killer was a large, spherical superweapon and bomb that was theoretically powerful enough to destroy the entirety of the planet it was detonated upon. Enjoy the game! Just to repeat what was said below, if you are using a newer version "you should delete your "mods_registry.json" file in your "documents/Paradox/Stellaris" folder". In order to get neutron flux to the scale of a planet-killer, you would need absurd amounts of deuterium, tritium, and spare energy, then be able to store and deploy it on a single massive ship. That might enable you to fry every single planet in the system, or maybe even trigger an exotic nova or supernova. This is great, hope it gets updated soon!! It would be nice to have another way to make tomb worlds other than the very long armageddon bombardments. I've been thinking about this a lot lately because ever since the release of Apocalypse, this is pretty much the only planet-killer I even use. On or about stardate 4202.1 the Constellation, under the command of Commodore Decker, encountered massive destruction in system L-370 – all seven planets had been utterly destroyed. −800 Victim −80 Everyone; Spiritualist; Pacifist; empires gain 600–3000 Unity on first use. Stellaris is a space opera not a hard sci-fi story. It's an idea rather than a complaint. You should delete your "mods_registry.json" file in your "documents/Paradox/Stellaris" folder, non of your 2.6 mods work with 2.6.2 even though you say they are updated the still flag as 2.6.1, Another small update: Fixed a bug that prevented Divine Enforcer + Nanobots from targeting planets properly, Small update: Neutron sweep now works on hive and infested worlds. Orbiting the fourth planet was the planet killer, firing a pure antiprotonbeam at the planet and consuming the planet's r… All four super weapons -- the globe-destroying planet-cracker, the neutron sweep that kills all organic life, the impenetrable shield that cuts a planet from the galaxy forever, and the Spiritualist exclusive conversion beam -- take roughly the same time to charge and fire, requiring a few months to neutralise a planet or superstructure. I'm no expert on planet destroyers, but it seems like the strongest use for any of them is being used on shielded fortress worlds with FTL inhibitors blocking you. First off, most of the technical problems can be resolved by renaming it as a gamma ray sweep. thats so odd i have never had that issue will try thanks, Mods showing up as outdated is a problem with the new launcher (a google search would have helped you there). First off, most of the technical problems can be resolved by renaming it as a gamma ray sweep. The most practical and controllable method seems to be through D-T or D-D fusion in a linear accelerator which is a reaction that produces plenty of neutrons (and why economical fusion power is actually more problematic than it sounds), but that's like the difference between producing a few micrograms of antimatter and enough to catalyze a nuclear explosion rocket. It's just too good. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It wouldn't spare the biosphere. The planet gets −30% Habitability for 10 years. Why should you be content with destroying a single planet? I disagree that the World Cracker and shielder are useless. Essa è stabile soltanto all'interno del nucleo poiché al di fuori di questo decade, con un tempo di vita medio di circa 15 secondi, portando alla formazione di un protone, … I think a time based penalty applied to the swept planet, to represent ecosphere damage or cleanup etc would be good. Yess fuck them size 10 planets, I don't want it, and the icon for habitable planets inside my territory is also really annoying. World Cracker also reduces the amount of planets you need for domination victory. Set on top of a flat base, the Planet Killer stood several meters tall and wi… If you're to the point of being able to deploy colossi you should be at the point of being able to colonize tomb worlds, too, so no loss there. Episode Twenty-Five of the Noran Vosk High Kingdom run, which explores Hegemonic Imperialism in space. When launched it would result in an explosion hot enough to ignite the atmosphere, thus destroying the surface of the earth. As far as I can tell, it doesn't discriminate between organics and synthetics. How do you *delete* people in real life? Can you update this to allow spiritualists to use the neutron sweep? Neutron Sweep All Pops on the planet are killed. Not working 2.7.2 D= I wanna level planets plox. ... === Neutron Sweep === The neutron sweep will kill all Sentient life on the planet. I assume you have to be really thorough, however. © Valve Corporation. @sylin you build colossus and terget your own planet. The finer details are dissertation-level topics from a bizarro universe where people actually want to research this kind of stuff, so I'll stop there. Learn more about Safety Off for Planet Killer Weapons - FGRaptor at GameJunkie. should make a planet cracker be able to destroy shielded world or free world from shield. Especially not if it's a Gaia world. Like a giant laser shotgun, the Las-Impulsor fires lightning-fast and devastating volley of laser blasts that can strip force shields from enemy war engines one at a time, and hammer their way through even the thickest armour or chitin to annihilate the vital systems beneath. Neutron Sweeper is probably my favourite out of all of them. For me, smashing or shielding a world seems kind of useless because I might want it later. Gives -800 opinion to the empire who owned the planet and -80 to everyone else. Also, complaining about the neutron sweep not being scientifically accurate is silly. Source Space Weather News.. How do you use planet killer weapons, or get a colossus to HAVE planet killer weapons? In 2017 the Sun was on its way down on its cycle of activity but a sunspot changed that downward trend. Not in the same sense that a magical psionic converter or energy shielder isn't realistic, but in that we basically already know what bombarding a target with unimaginable amounts of neutrons would actually do. So you can imagine what happened, I’d take the odd world with an army if I wanted some more slaves for nerve stapling, otherwise, sweep everything, leaving a pristine paradise, fully developed buildings (granted had to redevelop a lot of it due to AI placing crap) that I could colonise soon after – sometimes I would literally have the colony ship waiting to land…, I’ve used the shield once on a devouring swarm, for the achievement and because I didn’t like their stupid squid faces (they kept insulting me ☹) and I have planet cracked the capital world of another empire because quite frankly they annoyed me one too many times (both were planets I was never going to bother occupying either) – both of those seem more like some movie-esque supervillain weapon, that doesn’t seem particularly useful or efficient but is more there for dramatic effect…(they have their uses taking out fringe planets I suppose that are of no interest). Technically by the time you have a Colossi, isn't your empire on the way to a Type II civilization? Unlike WMDs in Civilization, however, in Alpha Centauri using it is considered an atrocity. As for neutron sweep, I suppose I could live with it making it a tomb world, and maybe braking a few buildings, but nothing beyond that. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Stellaris. That reminds me: in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri there's this tech called Retroviral Engineering. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. The sweep on the other hand, we could argue that yes a colossus is expensive, takes a lot of time etc but the end result is the sweep is a lot better (I haven’t had a chance to use the brainwashing or borg beam) and I think it could do with a temp penalty. The colony is removed, but the planet stays colonizable. :/, time to wipe out the xeno scum out of MY galaxy. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the 4X grand strategy game Stellaris by Paradox Development Studio. Their purpose is denying your enemy the use of planets in areas of space that you yourself don't want. It purges away all pops and leaves the planet with a -30 habitability debuff for + 3000 months. It allows you to send an infiltration team to unleash a genetic plague on someone else's base. If you want to conquer something you have to take responsibility for it. Neutrons are subatomic particles that are one of the primary constituents of atomic nuclei. It might sound strange to actually want to live on a radioactive hellhole, but it's just another way to keep out the xeno. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. I haven't had the chance to use it against a machine empire specifically though, and I wouldn't even bother because you can already disassemble/purge Hive Mind pops with just occupation. Currently not working could you update the mod? Though it really depends on if/how you want to expand, and how you actually go about deploying it. Shadow Planet Killer; Vorlon Planet Killer; Beneath the Planet of the Apes. there should be some risks/costs associated with it). This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. ... === Neutron Sweep === The neutron sweep 'baths' a planet in a surge of Neutron radiation "sweeping" it of all Sentient life. Minor suggestion. But when you're colonizing hundreds of systems and mining them for resources but none are completely mined out, I think you've stepped onto a different scale than the Kardeshev scale. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Thank you so much for this. So yeah a bioweapon or maybe other asymmetrical warfare options (hacking, infiltration, sabotage etc) would be pretty interesting. Not so much for realism, but rather because it's really just too good, and so far I've been completely abusing it. The Neutron Sweep can not be researched or used by Pacifist and Spiritualist empires. So it probably wouldn't be an instant process, as the effects of acute radiation poisoning are quite well-documented. Gives -800 opinion to the empire who owned the planet and -80 to everyone else. On a more general note, I'm not actually sure if there are practical ways to implement a large-scale neutron beam like this (given that you are at least a Kardashev Type I civilization). This makes a lot of sense. please, I wanna blow up primitives, as they don't deserve to live! Presumably you would be able to terraform it into something else later. is this compatible with mods that add other colossus type weapons? Planet Killer Solar Flare. Playing hive mind so I can't even release pops as vassals. Hubble peered at 180,000 stars in the crowded central bulge of our galaxy 26,000 light-years away. All rights reserved. The process is called neutron capture, or activation. 10-27kg, uguale cioè a quella del protone e quindi corrispondente a 1 u. Insieme al protone, il neutrone costituisce il nucleo atomico. Please see the. Laser, relativistic kinetic impactor, massive asteroid, super-tachyon beam, doesn't matter. In contrast, generating neutrons specifically on a scale like this doesn't seem easy. In this game neutronium is usable as an armor instead of decaying spectacularly with a half-life of 10 minutes. That is a fantastic idea. But if you could do that, there are probably much more creative ways to deploy it! On Monday (Dec. 14), a total solar eclipse will sweep across South America's cone, from Chile to Argentina. If you don't repeal the UN Charter, you'll also have sanctions imposed, which cuts you off from trade. It is only visible to you. Doesn't look like anything changed. Lexx 2.7? Also there's not really an option for most empires to terraform planets into tomb worlds, so that would be really neat too. Neutrons do not have any net electric charge associated with them. The minerals or society research you get from it is nowhere near the amount that you could get if you colonize. What else would we expect from our favorite heroes other than saving the entire world? Not sure if this is intended behavior or an oversight, but currently it's not possible to use the Colossus' Neutron Sweep against Machine Worlds, as I get a "not an inhabitable planet or megastructure" tooltip. The planet would basically become a tomb world but worse. currently it doesnt see planetary diversity planets as habitable planets, therefore it does not wanna target them :), Understood. It wouldn't be quite as practical, but it would definitely leave way more of a visible impact as you left total destruction in your wake. Also yesterday I was thinking about the possible ways that one could even conceivably generate that much neutron radiation, so that you could actually theoretically weaponize it.