30+ of the Best Travel Gadgets you can’t (and shouldn’t!) In an ideal world, we would be able to charge everything via USB/mains electricity, and whilst we are getting closer to that as a society, unfortunately, some items still require actual batteries. Add in that it is waterproof and plays music whilst floating, making it one of the best vacation gadgets for pool parties, or floating out in the ocean! Let us take a look on some of these must have travel gadgets and accessories that will help you travel smartly. From smart suitcases, saving us bags of space to solar powered chargers, there is a gadget out there to suit all your travel requirements. We hope you have found our guide to the best gadgets for travel helpful and remember, if you think we’ve missed any top travel toys, erm I mean, gadgets/useful travel accessories, be sure to mention them in the comments below and tell us what you think of any of these items if you decide to get one to try for yourself! [psst. Because everyone buys something on the travels (clothes, souvenirs, etc). And if you liked this guide to the top travel gadgets and accessories and travel essentials, take a look at the other gift guides, travel hacks, packing tips & travel gear posts in this series: Hi There! Featuring an anti-slash material and lockable zippers you can rest easy when travelling with this bag. Click here to read our full travel water bottle comparison post and find your perfect travel partner. Thank you for reading the MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld travel blog posts. Here's 30+ Travel Gadgets that you never knew you needed! Jump straight in an buy a pair here – or if you’re not fully convinced, read our complete review of the Sennheiser PCX550 Noise Cancelling Headphones here. Both have similar features, inc. integration with other devices,  heartrate monitors, GPS and electronic payment apps. One of the top road trip gadgets has to be a Headrest Tablet Holder. u$s 27.95, Regular Price Click here to stay plugged in all over the world. Check prices and availability here. Sale Price What an incredible post though you havent addressed one more concern a portable WiFi. u$s 39.95 You can reduce your impact on the environment by picking up some of these fast charging, eco-friendly USB rechargeable batteries and do your bit for the planet. Nov 16, 2020 - Looking for which must-have travel accessories and gear you need for your next trip? u$s 44.95, Regular Price However, I will get a few to sample and will hopefully have a post about the best portable wifi devices ready in the next month or so. Hi Collins, thank you for your kind words about the post. Buy a set here. Get your coffee fix here. Flex Flap Cell Phone Holder & Tablet Stand for Desk, Car, Bed, Home and in-Flight Airplane Travel Accessories Travel Gadgets Universal for Mobile iPhone Android iPad Kindle Tablet While Hands Free. Keep your bag locked at all times whilst out and about with this flexible luggage locks – the perfect travel accessory for keeping your stuff safe. Again, more of a travel accessory than a travel gadget, these nifty little covers can help protect your most valuable possession (your passport) when on the road. A revolutionary 2 in 1 gadget from LuminAID this lantern also doubles up as a phone charger. u$s 29.95, Regular Price When it comes to wearable tech, this choice boils down to whether you are in the Apple or Android camp. Sale Price Organization 麟 Essential gadgets Health/hygiene 什 Photo/video Safety Comfort ‍♂️ Entertainment 烙 Watch all your favorite TV shows and movies with the Roku streaming player. We are passionate about travel and equally or more about tech gadgets and travel gadgets. Itineries, tips, stories and giveaways - exclusive to MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld subscribers! Whilst not one of the most cool travel accessories – a handheld luggage scale can make or break your trip (and your budget if you get to the check-in counter and you bag is overweight!)