If you find Voicemeeter Potato too daunting you can install Banana instead and apply all the same settings. Usually restarting Voicemeeter Banana resolves most issues. Using 2.5 for now. This Package also installs Voicemeeters & Voicemeeter Banana. Discord Settings: https://prnt.sc/urjc43. 67% Upvoted. On Gaming PC, set IP as incoming on Stream2. Click VBAN is OFF in the top-left so it becomes blue, indicating that VBAN is enabled. report. Follow Sorrowsnow77 and get real time notifications when going live. hide. The Audio from your Streaming PC needs to be sent to Gaming PC via VBAN. Any help on the issue would be very much appreciated. I would create a guide on NDI with OBS, but I do not recommend using NDI at all. Restarting is important so don't skip it. For END USER, Voicemeeter Banana is free to use! This will require sometime to get used to. Send Audio from Game PC With the initial setup done we want to enable VBAN and this can be done so by clicking [VBAN] top-right of VoiceMeeter Banana next to the menu. At the top there is an IP Address for the machine. Can you screenshot it? Set this for all audio devices to use 7.1 surround sound, for all inputs including audio output. Compresser helps a bit with that :-). Set “Hardware Input 1” to CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual cable). That way everything will be funneled through the … Do this on the master. Just a question: what differences are there between using Voicemeeter and the Loudness Equalization option in Windows? DO NOT use Elgato Sound mixer as the audio, use the audio coming from the HDMI cable. I have checked and verified everified All settings and devices multiple times to no avail. Hi, Thank you for sharing such a detailed guide. level 1. However there are some more things I'd like to do, can someone share their settings/setup if they have something similar? Voicemeeter Banana Setup. A three PC stream setup is not required, however if you plan on adding a third PC for chat bot/Music Player. So if your headset is on A1, set the EQ on that channel. Log In Sign Up. Let us know in comments below. Sort by . What I'd like is to also be able to use the EQ in the middle to lower my bass a little and boost the treble, however, no matter what I do, I cannot seem to have it go through there. VoiceMeeter Banana Settings . That way, you do not have to worry about changing VBAN IP settings. Im Zuge der Recherche zum Setup bin ich über das Audio Tool Voicemeeter Banana gestolpert, das mir geholfen hat, weitere physische Hardware einzusparen. Free to use, after 30 days period, it will periodically invite you to activate your license. Using Voicemeeter will allow for greater control of your audio and much more creativity for your stream, videos and general use. On Streaming PC OBS, add the capture card to the scene, and use the Elgato HDMI audio. At first it can be confusing to look at so I’ll start with some basics. Maybe i'm missing something, so please someone reach out to this comment and help me out! A very simple and to the point setup for VoiceMeeter you'll be up and running in just a few short clicks. I have done this numerous times but the Elgato audio mixer still does not show in OBS. Ensure that you have selected the correct Source for out going stream. Hey,Sorry to comment on your old post... Did you ever sort this?I can't even seem to get the EQ to work on mine even though I'm using A1 and have the EQ set on A1 there is no difference in sound when changing the levels :(. The graphical audio equalizer allows you to alter and adjust the frequency range from 20hz to 20khz and gives you the option to improve the audio signal from your microphone . Posted on July 7, 2017 by cwylo. See User Manual and Video Tutorials: Purchase License / Support Us ! … To capture desktop audio in OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS we are going to use the first virtual output B1 of VoiceMeeter Banana. The audio for the games play back nicely through the two headsets, and audio captured by the built-in mics goes back into Streamlabs OBS the way you expect it to as well. Unselect A1, this will disable audio from being heard from the streaming PC speakers. A central place for discussion, media, news, developer interaction and more. Navigate to Windows > Sound and set “VoiceMeeter Aux Input” as the default device and communication device. Set Cable Output for Hardware INPUT 2, and uncheck A1 and A2 outputs for Hardware INPUT 2. Check Details below on how to receive VBAN on gaming PC. Can anyone share their compression settings or just VM Banana settings? I used this guide to set up Voicemeeter banana and Cable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G55VUBCBtE0 It now works fine, and I can compress my audio (all audio outputted by my computer), so I can avoid going deaf when playing PUBG. WDM, KS, MME, DirectX, WaveRT (8 kHz to 192 kHz) 1 to 8 channels. Voicemeeter Banana is a mixer program for your windows computer. Ensure that Firewall settings are not blocking VBAN connections, if you are having issues. VB-Audio Hi-Fi Cable ist auf der gleichen Downloadseite wie VB-Audio Cable zu finden, nur muss man weiter nach unten scrollen. Set your mic accordingly by right-clicking and setting … ASIO (32 kHz to 192 kHz) 8 Channels (in and out) / 4x Client Applications. So the loudest sounds go lower, and the quietest go louder. This can be a stand-alone mic, headset mic, web cam mic, etc. You pay what you want when you … 6980 is the default port where audio is connected. Install VB-Cable Virtual Audio Device – https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/index.htm Reboot Machine Open sound settings. However, there are plenty of YouTube videos covering NDI setup. This guide is part of Dual PC Streaming Setup, Ultimate guide. Voicemeeter (EXE file) Install Voicemeeter on your Windows PC. I followed all of your instructions and had everything working as it should. Posted by 2 years ago. Enable VBAN by clicking “VBAN OFF” button will turn light blue color. After installing Voicemeeter Banana and VB Cable. When you open VoiceMeeter Banana, it should look like this. After enabling it, you will be able to open the … My stream was clear and smooth, all audio was being captured in OBS and being sent back to my gaming PC via VBAN. Turn off A1 through B2 until issue is resolved. Make sure that the names match or else the audio will not be sent over VBAN. This includes Alerts, Music and any other type of audio. This is great for troubleshooting issues when using VBAN. It seems very buggy. 4. The first image below is of virtual sound mixer Voicemeeter Banana. But if you have followed the screenshots, it should work ok. How to do that? What is the best way to set up all of these things in collaboration with Voicemeeter and Cable? There are three outputs (A1, A2, and A3), with corresponding controls. In order to hear audio from your PC, you’ll need to set up any hardware you have for the job. Step 1: Download Virtual Audio Cable from here. Set Cable Input as the Default Audio device on third PC that will be used for Chat bots, Music Player. First, open Voicemeeter Banana on your Streaming PC by clicking Start in Windows > VB Audio > VoiceMeeter Banana. Also I stream with Streamlabs OBS, and chat on discord while playing. However, it is important to pay attention that Banana is not the only version of Voicemeeter, so you should select the type of software correctly and start setting up the app. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the PUBATTLEGROUNDS community. Vor kurzem habe ich mein Streamingsetup dahingehend geändert, dass ich meine CaptureCard eingespart und seitdem das Videosignal mittels NDI Tools über das Netzwerk übertrage.