Thats also explains why instaed of Meliodas in his costume, it was Estarossa. See, Meliodas is the biggest creep in the Kingdom and the show doesn’t even realise it. ... Idk kinda hate galland for nae naeing merlin like that. Over in Japan, the latest episode of The Seven Deadly Sins went live, and it kept up with Meliodas’ fight with the Ten Commandments. Now people may be saying its cuz of his curse, but that doesnt explain why he wasnt aging before the curse, -> in estarossa flashbacks meliodas has a child form, and when esta is an adult, meliodas is still a child form? Estarossa maybe trying to be the best went out of his way to try to make himself look like Meliodas. So, basically are rendered completely useless. Time and time again, Meliodas offhandedly remarked how Merlin is anything but a saint, is obsessed with research and rarities and drives hard bargains when she wants something. Crazy theory Alert: Meliodas has no brothers. When Estarossa isn’t like the genius Meliodas the DK clone Meliodas and we get Zeldris. Every time a stronger character shows up, Meliodas is always the one getting the powerup, and is usually the one saving the day and being a badass in general. Plain and simple. People have always stated that meliodas wanted poster looked like estarossa; but im pretty sure that theb author said that its just what the painter thought meliodas would look in 10 years. ", we find out that Grayroad's Pacifism Commandment causes anyone killing in his presence to "lose their remaining time". In episode 19 "Meliodas vs The Ten Commandments", Estarossa kills Meliodas in front of the other 9 commandments, including Grayroad. RELATED: 5 Best Declarations Of Love In Anime (& 5 That Made Us Cringe) Everlasting bonds have been forged, while others are newly found. I don't hate him, but Meliodas is boring imo. Estarossa's commandment says that those who show any sign of anger or hate towards their opponent - lose any means to fight or inflict damage. ... First drawing of meliodas and I think it turned out pretty well! He doesn't openly hate her but he is clearly careful around her. So, Estarossa, showing all hate he had towards Escanor - got affected by his commandment and lost any means to fight or inflict damage. This can explain why when she was looking for Meliodas she got a wanted poster of Meliodas instead of the real image of him. Monspeet is a man with dark purple hair and a small mustache. The Seven Deadly Sins is full of friendship, love, adventure, and okay, maybe some demons that are hellbent on destruction and terror, but we'll save that horror story for another time. Second major thing I'd like to point out - the Commandments consider Meliodas a traitor. 4 months ago. Meliodas is the only son of the DK. Seeing how Meliodas was a genius the DK split Meliodas in half and we get Estarossa. But in episode 23 "The Hero Rises! Upon meeting the aforementioned princess, at the time comatose, Meliodas’ first action is … Maybe early on he was amusing, but he really isn't a very unique character. For now, we'll stick to the warmer, fuzzier side of the anime. Meliodas was her friend and her protector when Elizabeth was a little girl. THERE'S A REASON HAWK IS ALWAYS CALLING HIM A PERV AND CALLING HIM OUT.