They forage well on less-than-ideal pasture for cattle and are inexpensive to keep. They're much smaller and easier to handle than cows. Fiber encourages goats to chew thus stimulating rumination. If possible, you can provide pasture for the goats. A proper mix feed, hay, and supplements should all be available for your goat herds. Alpines were introduced to America in the early 1800s but became a sough-after breed after the 1904 World’s Fair due to their unique characteristics. High-quality pasteurized goat milk must contain no pathogens or foreign substances. Alpines and Saanen are hardy and can do well in hot areas. North Adams, Mass. Most goats are kept on a farm for milk, meat, or brush clearing. Dairy goat breeds are the goats with high milk production. Is raising goats for milk legal in my area? Choose breeds that are adaptable, easy maintained and have high production. In 2012, only 12% of the total count was kept for milk production. Protein: is made of amino acids which are vital to all body processes High quality protein can be found in high quality legume hay. Learn How To Take Care Of These Adorable Animals. Although there are hundreds of goat breeds, only a handful are commonly used for dairy goats. 3  Even if you're raising goats for your own use, you'll need to … Milking a goat is a fairly easy process, especially if you learn hands-on from an experienced farmer. In this guide to raising dairy goats, we give you a complete beginner’s lesson on how to raise dairy goats, including the best dairy goat breeds, how to get started, costs, best practices for profitability, and much more! Clean the goats’ underside and tits. Quality hay provides 10 to 20 percent protein. Protein aids in proper levels of carbohydrate digestion. Give some thought to the number of does you want to breed with the meet goats in a given month. 441-449.. Speir, Adam. These can be found from grasses, shrubs, plants and weeds. Nigerian Dwarf goats are found on many small dairy farms in Southern US. Many feed grain to the does during milking time. It's important to keep milking time consistent. And of course, they produce rich, delicious milk. Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way. Products like frozen yoghurt and ice cream can be manufactured from goat milk. Raising Goats for Profit…The fact of the matter is that raising goats can be very profitable. This is the first step you have to consider. Make sure to provide adequate food for your herd in order to get maximum produce. Before buying a dairy goat, you should have decided what breed you want and a breed that fits your milk production goals. You will breed your does once per year. New Society Publishers. Niemann, Deborah. The goats are white to pale cream in color and have occasional black spots on the udder, nose and ears. This process boosts the milk production and when the goat gives birth, usually during spring, you can enjoy milk and sell the babies to earn more. Buttermilk is made from skim milk using the by-product from churning butter out of sour milk. Goats will give milk for 10 to 11 months, but do not lactate indefinitely. We’ll talk a little bit about each of them, and why we specifically chose these strains Read until the end. Milk a dairy goat twice a day for good-quality production. Once they are bred, keep the bucks away from the does or the milk may taste off. After kidding, does begin to produce milk. Does live longer than bucks with an 11-16 year life span. A really good milk goat can produce a gallon or more of milk per day for about 10 months. Turkmen, Nazli. We recently butchered a 7-month-old Alpine (a popular Swiss dairy breed) buck; however, it yielded less than 15 pounds of meat. 2013. Bucks that live past the age of 10 are unusual due to stress. Energy limitations may lead to inadequate feeding which can therefore lead to loss of weight, reduced production and infertility. Be sure to choose a reputable and recognized breeder. Yoghurt is one of the major cultured products. It is advisable to buy dairy goats from a well known breeder since they can show you details of the goats you want to purchase; the history, age and health of the goats. You will make profits in selling of milk and other dairy product while also cashing in on the sale of meat. The above dairy goat breeds are adaptable to a wide range of climatic conditions and can do very well in any state. Meat and Livestock Australia, Sydney. Milk yield averages at 10pounds per day and the BF content is 3.6%. Feed your dairy goats with high quality legume hay like alfalfa. They are ready to breed at 5 months of age and 6 months of age for bucks and does respectively. They are prolific and have a high twinning rate. High quality Timothy hay cost 5 to 10 USD per bale. After the morning milking, the kids can nurse on demand. Their high milk production makes them a common breed in the south. National Research Council Committee on Animal Nutrition. Then squeeze underneath to push the milk out. Vitamins: Divided into water soluble and fat soluble, fat soluble vitamins are stored the lipid portion of the feed and include Vitamins A, D, E and K. Water soluble feeds are met by feedstuffs. Dairy farming is recognized all over the world because goat milk and dairy products have a great demand. Advisers Guide to Good Dairy Herd Management in the Tropics: A Manual for Dairy Advisers, Technical Staff and Other Dairy Specialists. Labor: it is the largest expense in dairy goat farming. The Saanen is widely recognized as the highest milk-producing breed. Goat yoghurt is softer and less viscous. Pygmy goats are very popular as pets mainly for their small size and very friendly nature. Large breeds cost more than small breeds. Labor costs typically USD 5 per hour. Please log in again. For good-quality production, dairy goats should be milked twice per day, 12 hours apart. Learn how raising goats for milk can also supply you with plenty of milk for cheese, yogurt and ice cream as well. Goats are hardy animals that are easy to keep. Water aids in digestion and absorption of minerals. How to Feed and Tend Goats on the Small Farm, Housing and Fencing Goats on a Small Farm, Raising Mini Alpine Goats on a Hobby Farm, Buying Grass-Fed Dairy Is About to Get Easier, The Nutritional Value And Health Benefits Of Goat Milk Components, More Than A Tin Can – Forage Systems For Goats, Goats Display Audience-Dependent Human-Directed Gazing Behaviour In A Problem-Solving Task, Prescribed Grazing: Inclusion Of Woodlands In Small Ruminant Grazing Systems, Prolificacy And Its Relationship With Age, Body Weight, Parity, Previous Litter Size And Body Linear Type Traits In Meat-type Goats. Keep your dairy goats stall clean and dry. Grain is a source of proteins and carbon for goats. If you have adequate land, you can raise your goats on pastures. And as highly intelligent, friendly farm animals, they're a good animal to have around. Below is some important information on goat feeding which should help producers keep highly productive dairy goats. The cost of a dairy goat varies with the breed, age and production rate. Even if you already keep backyard chickens or are raising rabbits for meat, that doesn’t mean raising goats for milk is allowed. Make sure to check if the forage area is free from toxic plants that may affect the goat’s health. Proper housing and fencing where the goats will live in and pasture. Veterinary costs:  this will include the vaccination of the herd, regular veterinary checks and treatment of sick animals. Many producers opt to keep goats for both milk and meat production. But before keeping a goat, there are some few steps you have to consider. Goats are easy animals to raise compared to other dairy animals. One thing you should know is that people are different. Cheese can be used in cookery, production of cream cheese mask for dry skin etc. A good breeder has records for every animal and will also show the performance of the animals in the herd. The most popular ice cream flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate and premium white mixes. The milking activity will take 12 to 15 minutes per doe, plus milk preparation time. Always make sure you vaccinate your herd to keep them safe from infections and to have a healthy herd. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The following are essential requirements before you start a dairy goat farm. They’re inexpensive to keep compared to cows. Ask the breeders reputation from several people before purchasing the dairy goats from him/her. The gestation period is 150 days and it is advised to breed the does when they weigh about 80 pounds. To maintain and increase milk production, goats should be fed with a balanced diet based on requirements defined by the National Research Council (NRC). Dairy goat production continues to be an important part in the livestock industry in North, Central and South America. 27, 2014, pp. Total milk per day is 1 1/2 quarts, or 11 gallons a month. You'll find solid information on this board, so be sure to follow. If your goat is producing an average of 15 gallons per month, then the cost for your milk will be $1.00-$1.30/gallon. This should provide 15 to 20 percent protein. Frequently ask questions. Lauren Arcuri is a freelance writer and an experienced small farmer based in rural Vermont. Many other dairy products are available such as frozen, condensed, fermented, beverage and dehydrated milk products. Toggernburg do well in cold areas. Some have high milk production rate which are suitable for milk production while others produce small amounts of milk which are suitable for small scale production.

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