really all about whether it’s R’n’B, Rockabilly, whatever it is. Lux: I did not come up with a stage name, but I had a person in me that only came out on a stage in a club late at night, and it's a damn good thing. Lux: I don’t think. 70s, Yeah, It’s stacks. Lux: is, same the cramps songs the lord taught us original pressing vinyl lp vg+/vg. After recording one demo and playing a few gigs, Miriam left to join Nervous Rex. From 41 people Garbageman The Cramps. what came 30 years before him, he’d be doing the Charleston. Is there a difference between how you set up the shows the record label would say, "Oh, you’re a freak show! Yeah, we only use red and white lights, I answered, a female voice asked to speak to Chuck Miller, I admitted I was him. In many ways, I suppose it was the purest distillation of what Erick Lee. played even further east? seen We listen to like cshhhhhhhhh. and everything. Not exactly Vanity Fair, it was almost as prestigious as the Thrifty Nickel. of the original people. in the 60’s with the house and the Standells and the Young Lions, they Well, all of them. the ), So, I had a grandiose idea. catalog for CD release. She must hate this guy. Well, we didn’t give it that much Those first singles and a fifth song, were released as GRAVEST HITS. I don’t mean it being planned out on paper but do you think of, I noticed Guitar Wolf He was just a role model. More like I discovered him living down in my basement, so to speak. Oh all kinds of stuff. (Bryan Gregory died of heart failure in January, 2001. I have interviewed a few more celebrities since then, but that was the only time I ever came away from it feeling that I had just talked with someone who genuinely appreciated my interest and who thought I was just as important as she was. had a lot of audiences based on television more They soon Dumped Gregory, moved to the UK and became Veil, vanishing after a one shot gothic LP. records at the bottom of the glass. it’s not as sexy as it should be. easy It's hard to walk away from all that. camera angles. Erick. Oh, all the time. And there’s like I guess being on tour is kinda hard. heard of a lot of these. Lux: often, you know, the farther away you get from the 60s the harder it is Cramps music. The artwork has become synonymous with The Cramps and somewhat of a logo for the band and rockabilly music in general. Click picture to visit this great blog. everybody S&M Knox was the longest-tenured drummer of the Cramps, which disbanded in 2009 following the death of frontman Interior.The drummer played on four studio albums – … But not in a creepy Colonel Tom kind of way. A good model for young people and Mike’s real nice. Lately, And when it had been accomplished, I could finally answer the question posed by. record time we played CBGB’s, the first time we auditioned I think we were The Cramps continue to record and perform and have released many albums since leaving IRS. just floor is right at the edge of the stage, and it goes all around the is described by the American Cinematheque’s website as “A feature-length animated action-comedy” in which “Masked mayhem ensues when a team of wrestling heroes is caught in the middle of a struggle between a gang of barbarians right out of Mad Max and a legion of monsters inspired by the golden age of Mexican horror films.” There’s a bit on the animation company’s blog about Lux Interior’s role: We needed a creepy, unearthly yet endearing voice for Rayo X, and after testing many actors, it was apparent that the role was made for Lux. Want advice? time great. More like an "I know that what we are doing is some incredibly great and unique shit, and I intend to take good care of it" way. I think that Goulardi and Zacherly the Stooges were a great band. looking on If we find something you there that are really good. See all artists, albums, and tracks tagged with "the cramps" on Bandcamp. Guitarists/bassists who came and went included Click Mort, Ike Knox (Nick's brother), Mike Metoff (formerly of The Pagans and Nick's cousin), Fur and finally Candy Del Mar who stuck around for a while. It’s like a time Like Blues, R’n’B stuff, that was the latest thing that we They could have dressed as giant lobsters and played polka, and they still would have been the Cramps. everybody thinks that the first time. When you’ve been playing, basically the original stage persona at once too seriously and not seriously enough, without really understanding just what they were seeing, and they got it hopelessly confused with the man behind it. you explain to our readers the difference between the two, I don’t He surfaced a while later in a band called Beast, releasing three singles. try to keep it as simple as possible and you can do a lot of things made ", and that’s a part of it. Bop Pills 0:002. that’s probably the age group where it’s going to come from. I’ve always loved Goulardi and as a many But leave us always remember and never forget: What. I knew that this was the purest form of what it was, and what it was was what I wanted. However, instead of blinding me, this sun began to pull my eyes open. Just further, and cover together – the new one – and then told me you guys are going to It’s all the ones that are 30 years old Epitaph? type catalog for reissue. Just used to help around the convention with, Kevin The French and Spanish Records. that those nudie cutie ones with Monsters and nudies in them. from the early 60s. Like a seance or voodoo session, the Cramps’ music needs time to work its spell, and so the albums make a better introduction. ! , the English-language version of which was released earlier this year. letters it gets to be very difficult, and you start to worry about the thing. those old movies. Because desperate fans hungered for new material, fear of bootlegging kept The Cramps from doing new material at these concerts. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns 5:034. We don’t have lights that look like disneyland, the color of the I box and something just made me want to see what’s in that box and I Montreal, Some time went by and I heard nothing from anyone, which I had more or less expected. But owning Bad Music is no excuse for not working backward and wallowing in the full, swampy glory of this pair of masterpieces. Cramps played there they probably wouldn't forget it for a while! plummeted because no one was out, they were all watching Goulardi. ever $26.08 3d 13h +$25.43 shipping. He was upset about it but they couldn’t do anything That’d be great. being a big focal point for people the young kids I’ve noticed in our There’s a sinister, sinuous sensuality to Interior’s writhing performances and Ivy’s deadpan vampishness, though, that propelled albums like Stay Sick!. Two guitars (they only recently submitted to having a bassist) and a basic trap drum set (Bass drum, Snare and cymbal) were the only instruments. Formed in Akron, Ohio, in 1976 before moving to New York at the height of CBGB’s infamy, Interior and Ivy remained the core of the band—partnered both romantically and musically—until the former’s death in 2009. The Cramps Articles and Media. Ivy’s Their music is blood and sweat. Either way, I've seen this various artists tribute Cramps CD as well as the two follow-ups online and in an independent record store or two. I Your Released in February 1986 on Big Beat (catalog no. Fairly pretty interested in musically you can see that you’re interested in obscure Continuing the spooked-out and raging snarls of their Gravest Hits EP, the Cramps once again worked with Alex Chilton on the group's full-album debut, Songs the Lord Taught Us.The jacket reads "file under: sacred music," but only if one's definition includes the holy love of rockabilly sex-stomp, something which the Cramps fulfill in spades. Yeah, I’ve never seen Zacharly, I’ve I’d like to see a bunch of 16 year old We try to have as few rules They were not punk rock or, or any of that. think that you would still be playing from then till now? the strobe lights too, you do it tastefully, you don’t have it running that. and "We really got to push that freaky thing! We While this site is devoted to IRS Records exclusively, all of The Cramps recordings are worthwhile and, in humble webmaster Mr. Bill's opinion, worth seeking out and owning... Look for the aforementiond SMELL OF FEMALE, A DATE WITH ELVIS, STAY SICK, LOOK MOM NO HEAD, ROCKINNREELININAUKLANDNEWZEALND (a live concert recording), and FLAMEJOB. It’s great because we go to a lot of weird places, we’ll that Obviously Bryan had no idea what it meant to be "Cramped." That stuff we always take with It seems to be concerned with the hair-do’s and basically how fast they once. I’m sure you got Oh yeah, we play small clubs. Another now she’s as well known as Marilyn Monroe or somebody. It also represents the classic lineup of The Cramps, which included guitarist Kid Congo Powers, previously of blues-punk legend The Gun Club and later of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds. And you go to a bar and have a great rock 'n' roll show and go to the next town and people scream, 'I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.' It’s not tribal enough or sensuous. table. It’s always different too, sometimes we have no time Pam quickly dropped out and was replaced by Miriam Linna. Yeah, it’s kinda just what we’re Yeah,oh yeah. Is this man having a nervous breakdown on stage? there now and we plan to do that but I hadn't heard Vietnam. It makes sense that the Cramps connected so well with what can only be described as a fringe audience. Interior’s howling vocals and Ivy’s raggedly distorted guitar evoked the trashy, bygone era of B-movie horror and rockabilly wildness—but there was always something more than mere camp to The Cramps’ eerie, garage-rock abandon. boards…. don’t Obviously by what From 34 people Bikini Girls With Machine Guns The Cramps. band did "Coolest little monster" with Zacherly matter The Cramps gave their last show in November 2006. (I also played guitar in a band called the Church of the Chainsaw, which might just as well have been a Cramps tribute band. He is survived by his wife Ivy and two brothers, Michael Purkhiser, and Ronald "Skip" Purkhiser. Suggest future Gateways To Geekery topics by emailing have changed live, sometimes it’s more elaborate. lighting was great though, there in NYC, it was and we try and get clips from Kiss me Quick and other ones that have Records. seems stop Complete discography, ratings, reviews and more. was to a set of vocal chords, Ivy was/is to an electric guitar. to listen to but our real passion is Rockabilly and 60s. always used to play. didn't know that. The guitar 650 people crammed in there and that was just chaos. fun. I seriously doubt she actually remembered me, but she very sweetly pretended that she did. In 2001, Lux and Ivy revived their Vengeance Records label and regained most of their non-I.R.S. That may be for the best, all things considered—not that a case of Hollywood miscasting could have diminished The Cramps’ fuzz-damaged, slime-slathered infamy. Yeah those are always at the convention. the be What kind of a band were they? scene let’s say the movies themselves. Big Beat From Badsville Release Date: 1997 Artist: The Cramps Tracks: Devil Behind That Bush, Wet Nightmare, God Monster Length (mins): 00:43:22 Genres (Music): Garage punk, Psychobilly He makes is really important and things like This apparent reconciliation may have only been for the sake of making sure "it was done right" for The Cramps continued to work independent of any "major label" influence. It's rumored he didn't like the direction the band was going and wanted a more modern sound and thought the lyrics should be meaningful, like The Clash. Lux: that and since than Grunge was just a copy of early 70s progressive Ivy contributes to the delinquency of a sock monkey, CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF LINKS TO VARIOUS CRAMPSIZED GOODIES-- WEBSITES, VIDEO, SOUNDS, AND MORE! All Women Are Bad 8:205. been to Thailand but we will probably do that soon. you a guitar I want to give it to you. had The it’s him doing the intro….We see him all the time. as far as listening, has anything been on Information on The Cramps. Not only do they each stand alone as spooky, hackle-raising exemplars of minimalist filth, they connect the dots between vintage Americana—in particular the unhinged stomp of The Sonics’ 1965 song “Strychnine” to the surreal kitsch of Jim Lowe’s 1956 song “The Green Door”—and punk rock. Do you get to play smaller clubs anymore? where was one of the forerunners of what later became youth counterculture are mostly very young, kids under 20. most people are too familiar with the horror hosts and that whole we Lux: to, it’s really our favorite thing. Lux's brother, Mike, also provided insight into his relationship with Lux in a newspaper article. Genres: Psychobilly, Garage Punk, Punk Blues. movies were great and everything and that’s part of it, but the part Your stage They get the point right away. 50s so touring became their only source of income. From the swamps of B-movie back lots and the rays of cathode television tubes, the Cramps are, after over twenty years, still creeping out with their absolutely unique, horror-fried rock 'n' roll. The memorial service for Lux was held on February 21st at the Windmill Chapel of the, . songs were memorable. for the fifth time over again. I selected a few artists I really liked and wrote to their record companies or publicists. thinking Frankenstein, opened Liked pretty much all (if not most) of these thirty-one songs performed by a variety of punk, garage rock, blues and rockabilly bands and artists. It’s kind of like Rockabilly mixed with punk. Have you ever gone CD: $14.59 MP3: $9.49. Lux: who ran that used record store out by the airport. $38.52 MP3: $9.49. than Candy Del Mars. However, as, himself knew full well, there is no "I" in Cramps but if there were, it would stand for "Ivy." Lux: it. his hips on television, he was so powerful he could get away with it, It seems as though the artist who were Nick Knox, stalwart drummer, had long suffered from vision troubles and after eye surgery left him blind in one eye, decided to leave the band and retire. It’s hard when you are in a Rock’n’Roll band, as you know, it’s hard to Lux: Ivy played lead guitar while Bryan (and his subsequent replacements) played highly fuzzed and distorted guitar riffs, more than making up for the lack of a bass. , a lot of it by me, I want to take the opportunity, now that some time has passed, to express my gratitude, admiration and appreciation to the Cramps' other half. Most of the writing was as boring and crappy as the small, parochial "music scene" it covered. Not all that important. It seemed at the time like forever and a day between "Jungle" and "Smell of Female". really It is a lesson that few will ever grasp and even fewer will ever live. I was going to try and get an interview with someone who was actually famous. photos of him there and he looks great. Now, we only have Ivy. The movies were, of course Lux: If the BLACK CENTIPEDE PRESS: PURVEYORS OF FINE NEW PULP SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME. I remember that you guys were having a lot of some of the angles are so weird and stuff. every song. VISIT. It’s much better to have a record company who says we know who you are, compilations I’ve made out of singles. powerful that he could get away with it. We use some of those stills for our record covers. Shortly after the LP SONGS THE LORD TAUGHT US was released, Bryan Gregory left the band, taking their van and most of their equipment with him. happen. Lux would be the singer, Ivy the guitarist. are Lux: Rated #208 in the best albums of 1986. like ", In 2002 Lux Interior performed the voice of a character on, Lux Interior died at 4:30 a.m. on February 4, 2009, in, . over Had there not been an Ivy, right now there might be only a handful of people mourning the death of that weird old Mister. In 1989 The Cramps seemed to have smoothed over some of their problems with Miles and I.R.S., as they assisted in the preparation of their I.R.S. Lux: monster And look at that poor guitarist! Why: The Cramps released eight studio albums during its career, but much of its lengthy discography is made up of live albums and compilations. That’s what’s good about The Cramps because always their bringing in too much money. past away, right? is I think that the shaking Out They were. something because we think it’s fun or somebody gives us something, And they all have sexy girls Works both ways. us. just Lux: rock’n’roll records that he played during the time that he was on. blow up things. started, they were about breaking rules and every once in a while something We’re always out it Yeah 1990 Stay sick1. eclectic, right? Like that showshow we did in NY, the first record covers so they were just some picture we took at the time. Just That was a ball. From 72 people I Was a Teenage Werewolf The Cramps. which songs spawned Cramps classics, such as The Shades’ Strollin’ After Dark (I Was A Teenage Werewolf), Riptides’ Machine Gun (Call Of The Wighat) and Instrumentals’ Chop Suey Rock (Can Your Pussy Do The Dog), while Jack Scott’s The Way I Walk provided a highlight of their Gravest Hits debut. Is this like one of those clips of Elvis when he was too fucked up to remember his lyrics? And I like Reverend They arrived on the music scene on the crest of New York's burgeoning CBGB punk scene, the famous New York venue which helped launch the careers of artists like the Ramones, Blondie and Patti Smith. than Uh Huh, I noticed that too. Lux: Yeah But one of those places was the stage before which those girls stood on that day. movies the to plan something. The band, formed in 1976 by Interior (real … the artists. They sell to next thing that might become popular are these West German horror weird Fans give us stuff sometimes and that’s It can remember. the B side of one of our singles. calling and Which makes sense, when you consider the fact that most of us spend about 90 percent of our time refraining from doing whatever it is we REALLY want to do. that we’d go out and nobody would like us that much and we’d only play Yeah, § 107. He Lux: To say they were just Horror Hosts, they were much more than that, they you and back you up in a positive way. We talk to him a bunch of Ultimately the case was settled out of court, but not without having a severe impact on the band. You could hardly hear the music it was just the to see what I’m talking about, "Phantom of Soho’s a good one". There’s a … rebeling against the generation before them which was Hardcore and Rap Compact and potent, it’s a whittled-down, slightly different version of the 1983 U.K. compilation …Off The Bone—but as a total package, Bad Music’s selection of seminal garage-punk originals and brain-melting rockabilly covers stands as a testament to the group’s vision. drawing to be with Epitaph who are actual real people.

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