One of his most prominently terrifying combat traits is his incredolous Magic Power The Ruler, which focuses on magic inversion and allows him to completely invert any and all forms of magical attack no matter the nature to healing and strengthening. E + Hold - This is the strength of the demon king son. Your power is wasted, Meliodas. Origin Even after they manage to turn his power against him, defeating him proved too much and only with Wild's full-powered sacrifice was it enough to stall the Demon King just enough for Meliodas and Ban to escape. But this comes at a cost. In the past, Meliodas was trained by Chandler and was the leader of the Demon Clan's Ten Commandments, bestowed with the commandment of \"Love\" and regarded as the one most likely to become the next Demon King, for his strength and ruthlessness. He also showed great … 1 Estadísticas 2 Habilidades 2.1 Sighing Sage 2.2 Hermit of Moments 2.3 Commandments 2.4 Hellblaze 2.5 Demon Mark Poderes: Super Fuerza Resistencia Velocidad Vuelo (Con Darkness) Magia Regeneración (Media-Alta) Inmortalidad (Tipo 1, 3, 4 y 6 vía … I'm Meliodas The New Demon King 7 Works, 11 Reading Lists, 884 Followers 39 Fans. He is the supreme ruler of Purgatory who commands the Demon Clan and the creator of the Ten Commandments. Occupation Without even realizing he had moved, Meliodas stands before his … Meliodas also notes it is impossible to achieve a level of power even close to his father's even with training alongside Zeldris and Estarossa and the only way to gain power equal to the King is if Meliodas is to absorb all the Commandments. Antagonists Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. His raw power is acknowledged by even Meliodas to be on a godly scale and far beyond Meliodas's own massive power. Chaos. 107. In battle, the Demon King is easily one of the mightiest fighters in the series, rivaled only by the Supreme Deity, wielding not only millenia worth of combat experience and therefore unparalled combat prowess but also godly offensive and defensive powers to back said skill up. Skin url. Fully devoted to the Demon Clan, the Demon King is very serious in matters that relates to his clan and puts them above all else, forcing worthy demons to become his allies against their will and chastising Meliodas for abandoning his former life just for his lover's sake while showing disgust at the 'effeminate' nature of his emotions. Izraf | Ganne | Mod | Orlondi | Ren, Seven Disasters Corrosion is effective against enemies with high HP. Blue Demon Meliodas has a skill which inflicts Pierce damage on all enemies and another skill which inflicts Corrosion damage based on HP. Alive Evil-doer His raw power is acknowledged by even Meliodas to be on a godly scale and far beyond Meliodas's own massive power. Should anyone were to ever oppose him, he would either grant them a punishment that would put them through endless torture or inflict genocide on many civilians. Chaos, currently Arthur Pendragon, is an extraordinarily powerful entity and the strongest … Superhuman capabilitiesImmortalitySwordsmanshipMagic He has remained there ever since, devouring the inhabitants of Purgatory to gain power. The Demon King had a grudge against Gowther as he rebelled when he was part of the Ten Commandments, which then the Demon King imprisoned him, but when Gowther escaped and stirred his memories, he because even more furious calling him damned bastard. He is also totally devoted to his clan's laws and despises anyone who betrays him, including his children. Demon King | Chandler | Cusack, Ten Commandments The Demon King had a strong resentment and anger towards Elizabeth because she was the reason Meliodas betrayed him, and since he was the heir to Demon King, because of that he cast a curse on her that she would suffer from perpetual recarnation, he even offered to remove just for pleasure and kill Elizabeth brutally to make Meliodas suffer, thus further showing the resentment between him and his children. Lilia | Valenti | Eastin Anamabyllis | Mono | Roxy | Shin. He fell into a bitter rivalry with his "sister", the Supreme Deity, and had the Demons constantly clash with her creation, the Goddesses and eventually had them wage war against them and the allied clans in the Holy War. Demon King Meliodas Vs Sinner. And by far the Demon King is being the oldest in the series, and also by note the most evil so far. Despite this, he does not hold back against his opponents. Meliodas Demon Form! Meliodas | Zeldris | Monspeet | Melascula | Grayroad | Gloxinia | Galand | Fraudrin | Estarossa | Drole | Derieri | Calmadios, Six Knights of Black Claim Meliodas's body as a vessel (initially succeeded, but later failed). He is the second king of Lyonesse, son of Felec of Cornwall and vassal of King Mark. Hobby It is important to distinguish that just because Meliodas would become the king of demons, he is not evil because of it. December 2019. Most evil act: Due to the chaos and massive size of his Demonic Kingdom, the Demon King agreed to give half of his Demonic Kingdom, the Demon King agreed to give half of his power servant, but this choice was out of option because he would consider it a threat to his reign. Demon King is immortal with durability and superhuman strenght, he is also able to use causes as he did to Elizabeth for Meliodas betrayal being one of them Perpertual Reincarnation, he also has the ability to manipulate the elements of nature, he can also be immune manipulation and brainwashing, it can also transfer its power, and has an unknown telepathic power. "You know very well why, brother. The Demon King is a ruthless, tyrannical demon that has been in constant clash with the Supreme Deity for millions of years, due to their opposing natures. Demon King the Gokumon-tou that when he stays in Zeldris's body, he creates a creature in his body with claw-like proctusions, he can also create tentacles and quick claws to attack his opponents. After Meliodas's betrayal, the Demon Clan had a war with the Goddess Clan. The Demon King's age is unknown, but according to Wild, the Demon King has been around in Purgatory before Wild was born, who lived in Purgatory for over eight million years. The Demon King In order to avoid giving too much power to another person, he then divided his power into ten pieces and divided ten warriors whom he called the Ten Commandments. And because of this he is feread by many, including his son Zeldris who follows his orders without question, and because of this he is proud and belittles those who oppose him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tons of awesome Meliodas Demon King wallpapers to download for free. Meliodas had no trouble subduing him, however, which only sought to anger Zeldris even further. It steals Meliodas of his emotions and makes him temporarily heartless, the way he was before betraying the demon … As the Commandments are able to turn other species into Demons, the Demon King likely can also turn others into Demons himself. True Form He is also the father of Meliodas and Zeldris. The Demon King is the main antagonist of the anime and manga series Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas is a mixed bag, though he does have many good traits that cement his position as the protagonist of the show as a whole. The Demon King was born from an ancient entity known as Chaos shortly following the world's creation as the personification of darkness. He is also able to bless others with immunity to the brainwashing powers of the Goddess Clan and knowledge of all the Demon Clan's secret techniques, doing so to Merlin, and grant others with a portion of his magic power, as he did with Zeldris. His reputation leads to him being greatly feared by the enemies of the Demon Clan with even the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan fearing and acknowledging his power. None He is easily strong enough to nearly crush Wild within his finger, effortlessly flick him aside with a single finger and his resilience can effortlessly withstand Wild's attacks without any scratch, only being minorly wounded when Wild super-charged himself and even that proved to be of no hinderance. Latest Anime Anime Demon Anime Manga Illustration Demon King Demon Manga Anime Kawaii Anime Manga News. Reclaim Meliodas's body and make him take the throne R - What a disrespectful human, I am a demon. I updated the … The plot features is set in a world similar to the European Middle Ages, with its titular group of knights each representing one of the seven deadly sins. HD wallpapers and background images Summary. The Demon King, as the ruler of one of the two strongest clans, the Demons, is tied for the second strongest character in the series alongside the Supreme Deity, the ruler of the Goddesses; the only being who outclasses them is their creator, Chaos. However, he has worked with her despite their dislike of each other on two occasions: the first was to seal away their creator, Chaos, to allow them to rule over the world as "gods" and the other was to punish their children, Meliodas and Elizabeth, for their continued defiance to the laws of their clans. E + Hold - This is the strength of the demon king son. Reclaim Meliodas's body and make him take the throne. Demon King Meliodas. Ruler of the Demon Clan and Purgatory Possessing Zeldris He can also use The Ruler which is a magical ability that everyone who attacks the Demon King will have their attacks reversed and will also be used to heal the evil Demon King, and when Ban tried to steal Demon King's energy, he was forced to donate to Demon King himself. Crimes He is also the father of Meliodas and Zeldris. Friesia | Golgius | Jude | Ruin, Dawn Roar Meliodas' first wife, Isabelle, who bore the hero Tristan, was Mark's sister, and his second wife was a daughter or sister of Hoel of Brittany. The Demon King's power is also shown by how from having inherited a mere portion of his powers, Meliodas and Zeldris became the strongest of the Ten Commandments. Ufortunately the Demon King himself along with the Ten Commandments were sealed after losing the holy war against the Goddesses. He is the supreme ruler of Purgatory who leads the Demon Clan and the creator of the Ten Commandments. Mar 16, 2018 - My little monster. EnslavementTerrorismGenocidePossession He is extremely devoted to the laws of his clan and despises anyone in his army that attempts to betray him, even his own sons. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tyrannical Warlord. Article by Anime India. The Italian variant Tristano Riccardiano calls him Felix (Felissi). Full Name Meliodas is the main protagonist of the manga series, 'The Seven Deadly Sins' written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. Seven Deadly Sins It’s also plausible Meliodas and Ban came up with a counter plan to hold the Demon King in his paths. Like his older brother, Zeldris also had a bad relationship with his father, as he despised him for finding him weak, and only saw him as a tool, and had no concern or problem about his good son, and he had no empathy for him, as the Demon King tried to kill him when he turned against him. Great Holy Knights Demon Clan EnslavementGenocideTerrorismPossessionMurder Despite his size, he is tremendously fast as well and his skills in swordsmanship allows him to deliver strikes of phenomenally great speed and strength, able to cut cleanly through mountains and easily entirely pressure Meliodas and Ban, despite their far smaller size and great agility, even managing to cut off Ban's arm. Like his older brother, Zeldris also had a bad relationship with his father, as he despised him for finding him weak, and only saw him as a tool, and had no concern or problem about his good son, and he had no empathy for him, as the Demon King tried to kill him when he turned against him. He also managed to convert half of his power into 10 unique extremely powerful curses that he bestowed into the Ten Commandments, which is able to affect anyone except the King or the Deity as well as anyone blessed with immunity to the powers of the Demon Clan. Demon King (Nanatsu no Taizai) Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. The Demon King can telepathically communicate with his son even when sealed and he is able to somehow mark creatures to be able to see through their eyes. As the Demon King, he has a beard, with a white armor with black parts on the underside of the armor and from the right and left heads he has two shadows two horns and a white skin along with a demon symbol on his forehead. Even Zeldris armed by a portion of the King's own magic power acknowledges his power still pales compared to the full power of the Demon King and even Meliodas armed by that power cannot reach the Demon King's level. With his sword skills alone, he easily repelled Meliodas's attacks and quickly defeated him. Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism (or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption) and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked.