Last-minute we rented a car through Avis. I was not told i had to pay a $250 deposit when I reserved on line. Have something to share about Avis Car Sales? They will hold your refund for weeks! LASTLY, I WAS STILL CHARGED FOR A STANDARD ELITE SUV WHEN I GOT A SUPER SMALL VEHICLE. Beware. The inefficiency of the customer “care” would have been hilarious in a sitcom. Still no refund. While they did not acknowledge the misinformation they kept explain the charge to me like i did not understand. By far the worst customer service I've ever had. This was one of the worst rental experiences I have ever had. Not only today but closed for unspecified amount of time.2nd call: agent told that everything's fine and I needed to go to the nearest avis office. He instantly said it wasn’t because they sold the car with a bad tire . Only company to do this.-They are the only company out there that caps your mileage then chargesyou $.25 every mile over. WE WILL NEVER RENT FROM AVIS AGAIN. No complaints. Found the car we wanted and took only an hour or two to leave with the key, despite a rambunctious three year old. I was simply told to come back in 8 hours and good luck. 1,036 were here. A representative told us our 10.00 extension fee would be waived after we called to update them we would be returning the car later than expected due to a snow storm we were caught in. Avis Car Sales have dealers through out South Africa who are able to assist you in asking any questions in order to ensure you find your perfect car. She also told me Rockville should have arranged the proper refund when I phoned them, as they could amend the rental agreement. It was vacuumed. Avis, as a company, is a joke. He just hung up. Think I might have bought my car just because I liked my salesman so much. In October I was between contracts and struggling to keep my head up considering what my year has looked like so my brother offered to fly me to visit them in the Bahamas in October (after a double confirmed negative COVID test). I know what when I normally rent a Maxima or an Impala or a Chrysler 300 I basically drive it like my granddad would. 4 reviews. the whole experience has been terrible they filed up 3 appointments. Pick up the car and test drive on your own for up to 2 hrs for free. Many rental companies have car sales divisions including Enterprise, Budget Rent A Car and Avis. I never got to test drive. Find the best companies in Rentals category: Avis and Enterprise Rent A Car, Avis vs Budget Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent A Car vs Hertz We provide a vast selection of new and used vehicles, exceptional car care and customer service with a smile! Browse the available cars online and schedule a test drive. Avis Car Sales would like to ensure you have the best warranty coverage available for your vehicle. Different people different answers . Avis Preferred is its rewards program and is free to join. Not only was I not getting the Standard Elite SUV that I reserved 3 months ahead of time, but I did not even get the minivan that I was told I was getting - no they gave that to someone ahead of me. But that was not the worst part. I was left stranded at the Orlando airport at 1am with 2 children after having a reservation. Avis Car Sales - Part of Barloworld Motor Retail. I got a great deal and I am very happy with everything! This place will tell you one thing and do something else. Please click on the particular area … BUT THERE WERE BIG PROBLEMS. He could not do anything. I pointed out two things: Avis prides themselves on maintaining an “100% smoke-free fleet”, then willingly gives a customer a smoke riddled car? If you have to cancel even if just a few minutes later you will be stuck paying a $50 charge, no exceptions. Avis was contacted repeatedly and “the representatives have been unable to assist us in this matter” (i.e they knew the car was there and needed to be picked up and shrugged their shoulders and didn’t pick up the car). I was told we would be give two sets of keys and we were not. The luxury car was low to ground and would have preferred a couple if options to chose from. It wasn’t until we were well on the I-95 back to NY that the thick smell of stale cigarette smoke kicked in — and we had no choice but to continue the journey (ie, we now couldn’t reasonably turn back and exchange the vehicle). We phone Rockville the next day, and they said “you have to take this up with Customer Services — as it’s past 24 hours since your rental”. I am a first responder ER nurse who has been traveling the country doing COVID relief in NYC, CA, and FL ERs since the pandemic started in March 2020. On the day of return, I arrived at 6:30pm and my expected return was 2pm. Avis Car Sales is a simple, smarter way to buy cars. I don't recommend that to anyone. !You’re in the right place for avis car sales. Physical Address. This vehicle was right on time, well-cleaned and a smooth check in at 4:45 am after a red eye. They are a joke. I feel that Avis is the top of the line when it comes to car rental companies. The vehicle came with the remaining 120000/ 3 years manufactures warranty and a 45000 standard service plan. There was not even enough room in it for my 6' tall husband to sit comfortably, with my 2 teenagers trying to squeeze into the back seat & on top of that we each had a suitcase plus an additional suitcase full of presents for the family we were going to visit. I've found that with other companies. The more you ask for help, the more Avis Car Rental will refer you to their terms and conditions listed on their website. I felt cheated at the end of my experience. All customer reviews are handled by the BBB where the company is Headquartered or a central customer review processing location. MY FATHER DIED FROM SMOKING, AND I AM AN ADAMANT FIGHTER AGAINST CIGARETTES. First and last time with Avis. No Dealers. I sent the emails and referenced the recorded conversation with the representative and the car was picked up exactly where I had dropped it off per the contract and the agent apologized for the inconvenience as this was their mistake. THIS IS A CASE OF CREDIT CARD FRAUD. Didn’t help and just walked away from us . No one was in line, and the place was dead. Buying a former rental car is just like buying any other used car. Hertz Car Sales Review Conclusion. I was put on hold for so long, they would eventually ring off. They told me at pick up and said it would be returned with in two days of drop off.When funds did not come I called and automatic voice msg said funds would take 7-10 days. Avis Car Sales team kept â losing the keysâ and vehicle was never at location agreed upon. I usually prefer to take the papers to the Credit Union myself and not sign the loan at the dealership, unfortunately I was on medication for an injury and was not on the top of my game. Please do not believe what the sales reps tell you. Avis had no cars. Avis Budget Group is proud to announce our support of Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, a top rated charity where more than 97% of donations go directly to providing toys, books and other gifts to less fortunate children. It's truly exhausting, but the work pays off and I always sniff out something good. Obviously they did not clean it inside and didn’t follow anti-covid requirements.But it’s not the worst part. Our virtual showroom functionality allows you to view all the vehicles that our dealers have listed for sale.It is just like visiting their dealership stand from the comfort of your own home. Don't believe them!!! Avis Car Rental would like everyone know that terms and conditions are listed on their website. A little friendliness and good customer service would have gone a long way. They made it work at a really good rate! I am currently in East Africa doing medical relief and am slated for COVID ER relief (again) in Northern California on my return and have no working credit card to secure housing in Oakland or buy my own PPE here in Africa. The next day when I went to return the car, the 10.00 fee was on my bill. I’ve made 1st call to customer service and agent had ensured me that everything was fine. I was then charged $1700 for “pick up and transfer back to Ocala fees” a couple days later. This company is horrible! As we actually have the time to fight these corrupt companies nowadays, I decided I would keep calling, until I eventually got to a supervisor. Person at the counter had no authority to credit me for the hotel AND they charged me for the extra day. If you have any questions or need any help, please do not ask Avis Car Rental - just refer yourself to their terms and conditions located on the website instead and kiss your money and ride home goodbye. Never happened of course. Do they just roam around the streets n hire people on spot?? We love working with Julio! Do you still have questions?Please refer to their terms and conditions on their website. This place is run by a top notch man! I returned a vehicle with more fuel than I received it with, and they still charged me their infamous bogus $15.99 fuel surcharge. I came as a co-signer and they switched the loan to me at the end. To my surprise, i was charged an extra full day. I phoned customer services every day. When we got to the rental counter, the man working was not friendly, didn't ask if I was a member. I was informed that the best they can do is a 29% refund which they did. Customer.I really do not see any reason to use avis services anymore. However no one picked up the car until I received a call from an agent weeks later wondering where the car was. Avis Car Sales Call Centre: +27 86 10 36770 Find an Avis Car Sales Dealer near you. I would give them a zero if I could. but it had stains on all the seats and smelled of a strong deodorizer. Unfortunately it will not send a review unless you give them at least one star, so ignore the stars. By the time I got to the counter it was 9am. Avis car hire is yet to start collecting reviews. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I paid for a luxury car, they told me that I will be receiving 3 types of cars. What type of people are they hiring??? First of all I made my reservation for a Standard Elite SUV, in September for a December rental. Keep the car up to 3 days for as little as $46 per day. Tarasha Motors 2222 Little York Road Houston, TX 77093. I was passed around departments countless times. I also asked to see the carfax report which was also ignored and never shown to me.. So we finally left for our 16-hour drive, about 4 hours later than we had planned & we were squished into a vehicle that should not even be considered a 5 passenger. Otherwise good. - Be careful before you book and read the fine print. Then the next morning, no manager on site at the airport. He only asked us if there only two of us and then said, okay, basically you'll fit fine then. Haha. Avis Car Sales 12526 N I35, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 78233. True to her word, the charge did not go through. Once the windows were up, we noticed the car had an abundance of air freshener in it — which we acknowledged would probably clear shorty after. Google said this was the closest Avis to the dealer. No decision - in the end I asked to contact me with his supervisor. I asked for an explanation and was ignored. . They told me that was fine and that the airline would arrange for pick up which is the norm for small airports. End the call!4th call: the situation was explained one more time to another agent. Customer service contacts and company information. All of that had to go on top of the vehicle because there was no way it would have fit in the tiny rear area. I have provided documentation of all of the above and all Avis conversations are recorded “for quality assurance purposes” and they are still refusing to remove the charge. I finally spoke with an agent who said they could credit me an additional $10 for the inconvenience. They promised a supervisor would call me back within 24hours. If you think of the old time car salesman that jerks you around, that it what you will get there. (Image credit: Avis) Avis review: Rewards program. The cars they put on the ad are different. This dealer is online and will schedule a â ultimate test drive.â I did get test drive another vehicle for 1 hr, but I was charged a $59.19 day rental fee. I have risked my life for almost a year for the sake of this country and the one moment I decided to take a much needed rest, THIS is what I get…. Last year, Hertz sold 27,000 retired rental cars and plans to increase its sales this year by 65 percent, reports Automotive News. We phone Avis customer service about this — the initial agent was very apologetic and helpful, issuing us an initial $20 credit — but said we should absolutely speak to an agent directly when we drop the car off, to discuss a larger refund. Instead, I got a VERY SMALL Dodge Journey. Telephone +27 11 287 1031 Buying a Mustang or similar from one is not. Nearly 3 hours after my reservation. So there should not have been any issues with me getting the vehicle I requested at the time I requested it. That meant we were 3 hours behind for our trip. I wouldn't. Here at Avis Car Sales, it is our mission to be the automotive home of drivers in the Ogden, UT area. The pick up location was at the Airport and upon pick up, I asked specifically if I could return the car keys by dropbox since my return was on a Sunday as most rental companies so on weekends. Even if they say they will fix the car it won’t run the same and who know for how long it will run for. Former Employee 1:39. Inappropriate Content We rented a car from Rockville to drive to NYC. This is the second car I’ve purchased from this dealership, third young purchase . Only kept insisting it is part of the contract. Yes just end the call. Sell & Buy used cars with Avis Car Sales Namibia. With added warranties etc. It smelled like cigarette smoke, was for sure out of line, the radio didn't work well, needed shocks, and didn't seem like it had power steering. ... Access the headquarters listing for AVIS Car Sales here. I was told that they did not have an SUV for me but we would get a minivan for the same price(?). The representative didn’t know what to say. Car Rental in Thailand - AVIS RENT A CAR THAILAND has the service locations in all business areas and resort area such as Bangkok , Pattaya , Huahin , Phuket , Chiang Mai , Chiang Rai , Samui , Krabi , Hat Yai , Khongane , Udonratchatani , and AVIS Rent a car Thailand also has the car rental service in … Avis Car Sales in Ogden is powered by the Young Automotive Group. you have very little protection when you buy a used car. I had a good experience with the rep when I was picking the car up. we had the best experience with the Avis group, Christopher Aldridge is a very friendly sales person He made us feel like family,Phil Dexter was such a awesome loan officer and we will Recommend your store to all our family and friends. By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on AliExpress. Also, when the guy took my reservation, I paid with my debit card, at any time they told me that I need it a credit card. We literally … Our local dealership keeps a great stock of used cars, trucks, and SUVs in inventory. NON-SMOKER FRAUDULENTLY CHARGED OVER $300. We rented a Standard class, which never in my 30 years of travels have I not been offered an upgrade, whether paid or complimentary. Not in sales, but from what I've been told by folks who would know, buying family vehicles from Avis/National/Etc is a reasonable idea. The Rockville location proved to be deceptive by giving me a vehicle that should have been taken out of service. Sharing is caring! I speak from personal experience! Pre-owned cars for sale in Windhoek. Not for me. Incorrect Dealer Page For each dollar you spend, you earn one point. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! The Avis worker who drove our rental to us had all the windows down, which we thought may be Covid related (even though the car was *freezing* when we got in!). With Avis Car Sales, you can feel confident that you're buying a car rental at a great value and a fair price. Today is Jan 7. Today 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Closed Now) Show business hours. I had to use them through the Uber partner program while my car was being serviced. At Avis Car Sales, we know that buying a car is a highly personal, individual experience. One drawback of Avis Preferred is that it takes 700 points to earn a free rental, which is high compared to most other car rental services. Book test drive online.. 2. We ended up with a Nissan Sentra. The sign say sales but they do rent cars and moving vans! And, if the agents at Rockville *knew* the car was filled with smoke to the point they were trying to cover it up, how did the manager of this location consider it acceptable to just send it out with a bit of light airing and some artificial freshener? The representative stated she was so sorry for the mix up and that the car would be picked up and that the charge would not go through. Great, quick service. This company doesn’t know it’s anus from its elbow when it comes to their policy. I'm a USAA member and went through their website. Didn't offer to upgrade for an added fee or offer a free upgrade. Horrible the process takes forever and you can't reach them on a phone it goes to voicemail all the time . Kyle Bingham helped me and was a great sales man. It doesn’t work at all. The car is comfortable and exactly what I wanted. Best decision I think: don’t know what to do? I don’t know exactly who is to blame specifically for this mess — all I know is Avis doesn’t give a poo about finding out what went wrong, and making it right with a first time customer. Avis Car Sales 1,168 views. I don’t even know where to start with my complaint! Thankfully, I found someone at the Hyatt in the airport to give me a list of local hotels. No hassle, no haggling and a well-maintained vehicle. I met the Avis reps at the kiosk who received the keys and documentation. Car was OK mostly but dirty inside. THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN TERRIBLE THEY FILED UP 3 APPOINTMENTS. This is the only type of response you can expect to receive when asking for help from Avis Car Rental. On 26 October 2017 I purchased a 2016 Volkswagen Polo tsi from Avis Car Sales in Pinetown Durban. Buyer beware! might as well write a God damn book about it! Other, A dealership's rating is calculated by averaging scores from reviews received in the past 24 months. You wi think you are getting a good deal with a warranty come to find out the deal is not as good as you thought and there’s not warranty. We got back to NYC, and the agent there said “you have to take this up with Rockville, as they gave you the car”. Namibia used cars for sale online. Then when I dropped off the car the charged it again for the full rental amount! Avis is absolutely terrible. the loan ended up to be $5000.00 dollars over the list price of the car. And now I have a $4500 charge for their mistakes which has maxed out my credit card. Finally found one. We agreed to that because there would be enough room for the 4 of us & our luggage & Christmas gifts. They can remove a fee, but not transfer the reservation to my wife. The thing was a piece of sh%t. Avis Car Sales Windhoek, Namibia Aviation Road (next to Safari Hotel) Tel: +264 61 226 658 Tel: +264 61 226 662 Sort by price: low to high | high to low Which of course drops your credit score significantly Than tell you no exchanges you’re credit is poor. I phoned Rockville back just now to be told totally opposite information yet again. 1. I was told the car was $8000.00, when my grandaughter showed up it was jacked up to $9500.00. Compare Enterprise Rent A Car and Avis pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. All I can assume then is the first rep we spoke with lied and said it would be waived just to get us off the phone? I am still so disappointed with my rental experience. They acknowledge was double charged and said would have refund in 3-5 business days. Avis Car Sales, Ogden. I called customer service to change it to my wife’s name because she does have a CC and they told me that they can’t do that, I would have to cancel it and there will be a $150 cancellation fee, after so much frustration, they removed the cancellation fee. VERY rude customer service reps at the airport.'s car dealership pages enable you to find general information and contact information pertaining to our dealer partners. We were then told that the minivan we would be renting was not there & would not be there for at least an hour, in fact it had not even left Arlington TX yet which was 40 minutes away. Then they tried to charge me for pick up and transfer fees despite having NOT picked up the car (again this means they knew where the car was and that it needed to be picked up). Apparently, they are circling a small inventory during Covid. The information offered in the aftercare was like asking for directions from a blind person. Avis Car Sales - Houston. How the Ultimate Test Drive Works. I would stay clear of this dealership. Avis Car Sales consumer reviews, complaints, customer service. I personally would be quite nervous with these kinds of auto sales, and would be more inclined if the price was really, really good. Car was not ready when I arrived. there’s a lot of dealers in Florida , don’t waste your time here. Duplicate Review HORRIBLE HORRIBLE AVIS SALES SERVICE. Everyone else has unlimited mileage for the same price. BTW, I had another bad experience a few weeks ago and decided to give them another chance. We were finally able to pick up a vehicle at 11:40am. 14 reviews of Avis Car Sales - Ogden "Those who know me know that I suffer from doing exhaustive research before I buy a big-ticket item. The worst is a customer service.My story: I decided to return a car one day before scheduled date. Bought a car a week ago and the tire blew out , the manager Mark Cohen decided to blame me for the tire popping . When I picked it up they charged my credit again and did it was a deposit. For full Avis and Amazon benefits, after logging in with Amazon you'll need to log in to Avis and link your accounts. 2.3K likes. TIP: Use my research and hours (DAYS) of work, and find a great deal, at Avis. Poor customer service; the representative lied. They'll provide misleading information and charge you extra. Your needs, concerns, and our servicemen are none of their concern as long as your money is in their hands and you know that this perfectly fine and explainable and if you had read the terms and conditions, you wouldn't have to ask for help. I rented a car with Avis on November at Richmond Virginia. we were trying to test drive a van with a desire to purchase if we liked it. Help future customers by talking about customer service, price, delivery, returns & refunds. WE WERE TRYING TO TEST DRIVE A VAN WITH A DESIRE TO PURCHASE IF WE LIKED IT. So I went home & kept in contact with a rep via text message. I call in December 27 to request a refund. Really frustrating. Rip off!- You think you're getting a deal at first, then you realize they add charges the others don't and you end up paying more for much less than what others are offering. COVID update: Avis Car Sales - Ogden has updated their hours and services. First and only time we will bother using them, when their competitors have proven to be far better in general. Claiming your dealership on DealerRater allows you to: Update your dealership profile information, Receive notifications of new review submissions on DealerRater, Request reviews from your customers using LotShot, Allow your employees to be tagged in consumer reviews. Agent had no idea what to do. We looked at other Youngs dealers till we found the perfect truck for me! So as you can see, buying from Hertz Car Sales (or buying used rental cars in general) has plenty of pros and cons. So I decided to take an extended service p They didn’t have none of those cars available, they wanted to downgrade to a smaller vehicle and charge me the same rate. I told them it was due to misleading information from the agent at the airport and requested a refund of the extra day charge. Hard to find the words to describe just how laughably awful this rental was. And probably didn’t interested at all.3rd call: I explained the problem. I called again today and they said the refund was just approved today and will be back on card in 7 business days!! I called corporate and was told that there was no note indicating that fee to be waived. I would have given more stars but the car was not clean. Dealers, sign in to see your Dealer Panel. Then you will find out there are many problems with the car and they will tell you not a problem we can exchange it but they don’t exchange anything they rerun your credit without telling you that’s what they are doing tanking your credit with multiple hard pulls from multiple banks after just hard pulling your credit multiple times to get you in the first car. Good move, Avis! 34 reviews of Avis Car Sales "Under new management just a few days ago! Avis Car Rental is under no obligation to help their customers. We have a huge selection of used vehicles and friendly staff to help you find the perfect car! Horrible and dishonest price-gouging company. I came to the office - appeared the office is closed. The reps confirmed that there will be drop box and I will not be charged anything extra should i bring the car later than the return time as long as I return by dropbox the same day. Choose your car and test drive location. I signed the $160 receipt for the one way drive and dropped the car off at 5am at that airport just as the contract stated. Inventory; Sales Reviews (17) ... 1 review. Thank you so much! I woke up 2 days later to a $4500 charge for “having the car for 30 days.” Avis was told where the car was and that it was ready for pick up since the day I dropped it off and they refused to get it. Don't buy a car from anyone else. Avis and Hertz also offer free two-hour test drives or a three-day "rent to buy" program, where you pay a daily rental fee (at a reduced rate, in the case of Hertz). If you go with them confirm everything, ask lots of questions, reread your contracts carefully, have the car checked out or better yet go somewhere else! Moreover, the rep who answered did absolutely nothing to remedy the situation or offer to waive it himself. United Motors 614 Hill Rd Houston, TX 77037. I have been looking for an suv for 6 months, and Gabe was AMAZING!!! Our Subaru started to fall apart shortly after Disney departure. Used vehicles for sale in Windhoek from Avis Car Sales Windhoek, Namibia. I will NEVER use Avis again. SEARCH VEHICLES UNDER $15,000. They rented me a car with a battery oozing corrosive materials. This was a Monday thru Wednesday rental. It did not matter to me since I was already told i would not be charged extra. He was nice, helpful and polite. Fraudulent Review I received an email from the airline the next day while in the Bahamas stating that Avis was refusing to pick up the car. Original review: Aug. 21, 2020. Spent about 30 minutes talking. Hertz Car Sales Review - Duration: 18:04. 46 Reviews of Avis Car Sales Ogden Sort by All Reviews Sales Reviews Only Service Reviews Only Only Positive Only Negative Write a review August 18, 2020 Write a review Sign in. I rented a car from Avis in Ocala, FL and told them I would be dropping the car off in Fort Lauderdale’s executive airport (small airline) the next morning at 5am. Drive your selected car on yo ur own for up to 3 days. Nobody. They will be very nice and friendly until you buy the car. 1 review. I HAVE NEVER SMOKED IN MY LIFE. And then the person hung up on me. Avis is absolute garbage for customer service. Easy drop. I booked and PREPAID for my vehicle. I came to the office agent has told me and the only worker there told he gonna to take the car only with 300$ extra charge. Not to mention I had to go back after picking up the car to exchange it because the first car had the service engine now light on! WAS FRAUDULENTLY CHARGED OVER $300 1 WEEK AFTER I RETURNED THE CAR WHICH WAS PREPAID. 20 minutes awaiting supervisor answer.Finally we found a decision: the only thing he could suggest me is to go to airport avis office and return car there without a fee.I moved the car to the airport and finally managed to return it.Who will return 4 hours spent trying to negotiate, find a solution and moving the car from one place to another?