After many requests, I am showing you just how UNPROFESSIONAL I am when it comes to painting furniture. You could be a seasoned DIY-er or a professional who knows their paints, front to back, but you may still need help figuring out what works on what. Use interior latex paint if you want the furniture to match the walls. [ If you add hard coat to the paint that already has oil bond in it, you run the risk of diluting it too much and the paint won’t hold up as well. The BB Frösch is a premium quality alternative to pre-mixed chalk paints that readily blends with any regular latex or acrylic paint to transform it into rich and creamy colors. BEYOND PAINT - Furniture, Cabinets and More All-in-One... Rust-Oleum 1992502 Painter's Touch Latex Paint, Quart, Gloss... Hemway Glitter Paint Additive Ultrafine 1/128" .008" 0.2MM... Rust-Oleum 7215502 Hammered Metal Finish, Black, 1-Quart... 13 Deepest Metal Detectors to Treasure in 2021, Top 10 Quietest 5000 Watt Generators For Home Use. Many have asked me about the best paint for furniture without sanding. It was only after a lot of groundwork that we ended up with 13 best paint for furniture. If you did not like the price on our previous item, you might find this Majic Paints product quite appealing. Like paint type, the finish you want is also an important point to weigh in. Besides, these are water-based paints, so cleaning up after application is quite easy and doesn’t come in the way of the upcycling process. However, it is surprisingly adaptable, UV resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors on a range of items including furniture, crafts, and cabinets. It will go perfect with my décor. The Hemway Chalk Matt Finish Paint can surely make heads turn as it simply elevates the appearance of any furniture, offering a suave and refined look. Your email address will not be published. For intricate furniture or to make the job go faster, you can opt to use a paint sprayer. However, all things considered, it is not the most affordable option for small-scale projects. It also sticks to most surfaces well without sanding. We cannot stress enough how crucial dry time is. Therefore, you won’t get the best use of it if you don’t need multiple color options for painting over different surfaces. You still need to figure out which one of these options suits your existing decor best. Furthermore, make sure that the paint is resistant to scratches and also washable. USE A BONDING PRIMER. We have included a wide variety of paints on our list so you can find the most suitable composition. Apart from that, the robust metal finish of the paint enables you to obscure the imperfections and flaws found in rusted, pitted, and scratched metal surfaces. how much hard coat did you add to the paint? The good news is that you can paint old furniture, without sanding, and it comes out beautifully. Therefore, you can throw in some pizzazz to your existing decor by glamming up your furniture with this elegant metallic paint. I can easily wipe up any spills or crayon marks with a baby wipe, and the table is back to its shiny, pretty self again! Thank you for this great post. We’re halfway through our recommendations, and now is a good time to introduce the Chalk Finish Paint from Dixie Belle. For flat surfaces, apply furniture paint using a 4-inch foam roller, taking care to avoid drips around the edges.If you mix brushes and rollers, check that the surfaces will look the same after the paint levels and dries by inspecting your work in the angled light as you go. What is that beautiful blue color you used? Sander or Sandpaper – Here’s a surprisingly cheap sander that has never let me down!. 4, Using a foam roller (and a foam brush for the smaller areas) paint the furniture piece with a thin coat making sure to go in the direction of the wood grain. Alternatively, you may go for a water-based option if you want something more cost-effective yet dependable. And since different furniture paints render different finishes after they dry off, you must be sure about the kind of look you want to achieve. To begin with, we like that this paint does not require stripping, sanding, and priming before applying on any surface. Acrylic paint is very easy … Give your furniture a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Therefore, we recommend this product to busy homeowners who are looking to jazz up their old furniture while avoiding a long and elaborate prepping session. Dixie Belle Paint Company (Satin Clear Coat) Use with Chalk... BB Frösch Paint Transformer/DIY Chalk Paint Powder. Is there a strong chemical smell to this product? Firstly, this is a highly functional and versatile paint kit that can add interesting details to a variety of surfaces, including, metal, wood, ceramic, terra cotta, paper, fabric, and glass. Mixing Hard Coat into the additional coats of latex paint helps create a long-lasting surface that resists nicks, dings, and scratches, and protects like an oil-based coating. Specifically designed for furniture and cabinets. Furthermore, Renaissance works well on new wooden pieces and also does an excellent touch-up job on previously painted wallboard, interior masonry, plaster, metal, or glass. "@type": "Article", "", Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint Set. "sameAs": Your email address will not be published. Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, we would like to finish off with the Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal Finish. "url": "" We liked the superior quality of the paint and flawlessly smooth finish of the product that can liven up any antique cabinet. USE A MINERAL PAINT. Copyright © 2021 Jessi Wohlwend Creative LLC. Paint the Surface. ", Have a super weekend. 15 Emergency Essentials and First Aid Kit Necessities. God bless. If you’ve ever wanted to spruce up a piece of furniture with a fun coat of paint but were worried about the work involved, you have to try this stuff! USE MILK PAINT + BONDING AGENT. On that note, this product stands out because of two things; it is quick to dry and pretty hard to mess. Use your best judgement on whether or not a piece will be high or low traffic. That’s why we went the extra mile and created this guide for you, We have listed the various factors you need to consider when buying furniture paint. So when you intend to class up the furniture in the living space, why put up with shabby when you can have snazzy? We would’ve preferred if the paint covered more surface in a single coat as there are other options at the same price point doing a much better job. I really love wood furniture, and I love “interesting” wood with pretty grain running through it. 3. The only prep work you have to do is wipe Oil Bond onto your furniture with a clean, lint-free rag! Also, it does a superb touch-up job on metal, wood, concrete, and masonry, be it somewhere inside or outside the home. Milk Paint. Can you paint with brush instead of spray? When you’re ready to paint, mix Oil Bond into your latex paint at a ratio of 16 oz of Oil Bond to 1 gallon of paint. I can now paint my furniture pieces a pretty color. Read on to know more…. I decided to use my paint sprayer to get a nice smooth finish. Besides containing cleaning surfactants and deglossing agents, Oil Bond also has self-crosslinking resins in it; all you need to do is wipe some onto your furniture with a clean rag, then add some to your latex paint. I use a spray bottle filled with two parts water 1 part white vinegar. Paint. Also, since there’s no sanding or priming involved, all you have to do is use your brushes to finish the job in a single coat. "description": "Give your furniture a new look with a fresh coat of paint. In case your cabinet surfaces have not been cleaned for a while, follow the list of sanding and cleaning instructions so that the paint adheres perfectly to the cabinet body. There are many brands these days that are low VOC so less paint smells and they dry quickly. You would not want to deal with fingerprints, smears, or smudges as then you’ve devoted more time to make reparations. So I decided the table and chairs needed a fresh coat of paint in a pretty color! "image": { But maybe the finish is a little dinged up, or the wood is the wrong color for your home, or your furniture is just plain boring and you’re trying to add a pop of color to a room. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Other than that, we like how pigmented this product is, offering better coverage than most other competitors at the same price range. can you do this technique on wood cabinets (kids bathroom)? So without further ado, let’s dish, shall we? Lastly, we like how low maintenance this paint is as you can simply use soap and water to clean and preserve the iridescent effect. Painting Over Stain Without Sanding Below are 7 paint projects I’ve completed over the past couple of years, where I painted over stain WITHOUT sanding! If you would rather invest in a set than buy individual cans, you … You might be wondering what could be wrong about this product, especially when we couldn’t stop raving about it. 13 Best Paint for Furniture of 2021 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, The 7 Best Paint Sprayers for Chalk Paint, 13 Best Air Compressors of 2021 | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews, 10 Highest CFM Air Compressors of 2021 Reviewed, 9 Best 6 Gallon Air Compressors for Your Home & Garage, 13 Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets This Year, { Valspars Chalky Finish paint – Easily purchased at Lowes. I just wiped Oil Bond onto the table and chairs, let it dry, then got to work painting! As already mentioned, this paint does a wicked job of protecting iron and metal furniture from rust and corrosion. }, Your email address will not be published. I cleaned it out and started with fresh paint. Also, since the paint rapidly sets on the surface, it’s convenient to use around children and pets as there’s less risk of smudging. Well it is, and we have the best paint for furniture, check them out! However, the icing on this glossy cake is its coverage area of nearly 120 sq ft, which is a pretty significant number for a low-price item like this. Ordering the paint sprayer in just a minute. It has a little bit of a smell, but it’s nowhere near as strong as paint or anything like that. We like this 100% natural chalk paint powder that offers better coverage than it’s ready-made counterparts. Our top pick is the Heritage Collection Chalk Style Paint. Sherwin Williams Pro-Classic Latex Paint or Behr Marquee Latex. Here is what you will need to repaint furniture without sanding: Zinsser FastPrime, Interior Primer & Sealer in one Brush for oil-based paint (I used one that I … Furthermore, not only does it provide you with the flexibility to create a variety of attractive finishes but also cuts down on cost and reduces waste. Best furniture paint for a vintage look: a delicate, chalky paint for … Your email address will not be published. Furthermore, we also like that the product can cover around 100 sq ft of surface area and dries up within only 2 to 4 hours. Have you seen my bird atrium er… On that note, you can play around with 9 different color options and fashion a beautiful toned down look on your furniture that will surely create a buzz among your guests. Isn’t it pretty?! } My 2-year-old daughter uses the table for coloring and drawing etc. That’s what most of us think when we decide to buy paint for furniture as it’s seemingly too simple to get a can of our favorite color. I just recently learned of Oil Bond. With this high-quality paint, there are no endlessly tiresome sessions of priming and sanding involved. Excellent adhesion and easy application with minimal prep, This paint is self-sealing and does not require a topcoat. I found something that makes it so that you can easily paint furniture without any sanding or priming, even if it was previously painted or finished with a glossy finish! Here is my simple step-by-step guide to painting furniture without sanding: Prep. in Tutorials. If you want a smooth and well-covered finish on any piece of furniture, you can rely on Renaissance to execute it flawlessly. As a homeowner, you may want to modify your decor from time to time. Weather and corrosion resistant coating protects... Oil-based formula provides a durable protective coating with... Dries to the touch in 2-4 hours and covers up to 100 sq ft, Excellent resistance to abrasion, fading and chipping. When you paint the piece, the Oil Bond in the paint will “grab” the Oil Bond on the furniture, and it will stick! Sanding helps paint adhere to the furniture surface, removes traces of the old paint and provides a smooth, even finish. "mainEntityOfPage": "", "url": "" One of the many reasons I love using Velvet Finishes! Here are 5 Ways To Paint Furniture Without Sanding: 2. Even though you’re planning on painting wood furniture without sanding, there are still a few things that need to be done before applying paint. Obviously, we are very impressed with the performance of this product, but what we don’t like is the laborious prepping required before applying the paint. Put a very light coat on and make sure you smooth out any drips. Furthermore, this product uses a water-based formula that offers added convenience and safety, and will most likely outperform conventional oil based paints in any situation. Let us know in the comments section below if you agree with our verdict. Hi! They happily agreed and sent me a quart, and OH MY GOSH, it has never been so easy for me to paint a piece of furniture!!! For outdoor pieces, it is best to go with a matte or metallic finish paint as the latter also prevents rust. This FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint set includes 9 – 2oz.... Easy to layer and distress. First and foremost, we like this durable furniture paint for perfectly adhering to surfaces and not chipping away easily. Sticks well to most surfaces with no sanding and has a good color selection. 4. Sounds cool, right? You don’t need to clean the furniture or sand it; Oil Bond has cleaners in it that will prep the surface for you. Hi jessi, I’m so happy I found your page I was trying to avoid the sanding and priming. "@type": "ImageObject", You may not have premium quality wooden cabinets installed in the cooking area, but with this paint, you can surely create an appealing facade. Other than that, we like that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, offering an incredibly durable and resistant satin enamel finish. Lastly, this water-based acrylic paint and primer kit will allow you to cover 100 sq ft of cabinet surface adequately, which is the appropriate quantity for the average kitchen in a modern home. Latex Agent makes a product called Oil Bond that allows you to use latex paint over previously painted oil or polyurethane surfaces without sanding or priming. If you pick this latex paint, you’ll have to sand the surfaces and thoroughly wash it with a degreaser before beginning with the paint job. However, you have to leave the furniture you applied it on for an extended drying period. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, we suggest you start with this item for a seamless application. Step 1 Clean the furniture that you want to paint thoroughly. . Besides, this milk paint is perfect for repurposing old pieces of furniture as it facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance post-application. Therefore, it’s not suitable to apply this one on surfaces that receive a lot of traffic. "@context": "", That being said, while testing the product, we found some bubbles when we went for top coats. Also, we are very impressed with its quick drying within only two hours, which is practically a very short span compared to the drying time required for traditional paints. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. We enjoy working with chalk paint as it is extremely easy to work with. Simply put on a single coat on the furniture or cabinet surface to create the perfect vintage, contemporary, or even shabby chic look you want. Here are the table and chairs before I started. I love sharing simple craft ideas, step by step DIY project tutorials, cleaning hacks, and other tips and tricks all with one goal in mind: giving you the tools you need to “do it yourself”, complete fun projects, and make awesome things!