But logic is in favour of the fact they came fron VAN KHJURE on the banks of Saraswati Rive which dried about 5000 years before during Mahabharat times.But beyond doubt they are SARASWAT BRAHMINS of Duggar region and their GOTRS is UPMANAU. Please check with your elders. The word "Chandra" is also a common Indian name and surname. It may have been left you can add it. So all should be aware of this thing.... Sir,My forefathers were native of BASOHALI ( Distt. Lastly I must request you to be in touch so that we can exchange more information about our ancestors/Roots & pass the correct information to our next generation. Do support the first daily newspaper launched by an Indian in the United Kingdom. Are Bhagotras Brahmins??regardsKunal. Telugu Castes Names Like 1.Brahmin 2.Kapu 3.Kshatriya 4.Kamma 5.Reddy 6.Velama 7.Komati 8.Madiga 9.Balija 10.Mala 11.Yadava 12.SC/ST/OBC And Many More Castes in Andhra Pradesh. Dheeraj Surname. Sir plss tell abt Saroch caste...are they also bhramins? No one has made any attempt to collect all the kuldeva or devi at one place of Dogra Saraswat Brahmins, it is very much needed some one should make it. We the brown are there and I am proud to be brown. (52,899) Your ancestors are common with other members of saraswat community who migrated from saraswati river 5000 years bak to this region. All r most welcome. Gotra Agastya.i am not aware about our kuldevi n devta.sir kindly share if you have any such information . In himachal their Kuldevi is Jwala ji and Kul Devta is NAG near Jwalaji. Sir , i am vivek gautam from a brahmin family . Saroch clan is related to Mansa (the daughter of lord Shiva) and Jatukarna ,the father of Astik who saved the Nagvansh in North region written in the leading books.Kindly come up to the level of Brahmin clan.I think you will refer to books and correct all the discrepencies created with your poor knowledge.Kindly upgrade the knowledge of Himachal pradesh.RegardsSanjay prakash sharmaSunder nagarDistt MandiHImachal pradesh. Log In. High caste Indians are the most wicked people on planet In the 21th century, people are still being killed in India by sharing given name (not even the odious high caste surname yet), with a neighbor. This comment has been removed by the author. Following this, she appeared in several South Indian films. Certainly this peculiar style indicates some thing and it can not understood unless I talk or read by being in Jammu, which I could not afford so far and now I am too old to do all this. shakargarh. dheeraj is in top trending baby Boy names list. perhaps from Jammu, Kathua and Kangra. In United States they earn 22.46% less than the national average, earning $33,458 USD per year. II. Dheeraj earn notably less less than the average income. The meaning of this surname is not listed. Yes it is missing, this list was prepared by British more then 100 years before, it may have some mistakes or even some caste name are changed. So all brahmins can write Sharma irrespective of group or clan or caste. And Some areas from Gurdaspur and Pathankot. Haan bilkul Goswami Brahmins hote hai aur bahut unchi jaati ke Brahmins hote hai .......goswamis rishiyon ki santane maani gyi hai. According to a user from India, the name Dheeraj is of Hindu origin and means "BRAVERY". You can also download our application on the Google Play Store named as Maya Today.Please spread this message to all friends and family if possible and we hope to hear from you soon. There is no discrimination of upper or lower caste. Hi Sir, My name is Saurabh. Now it is time for all of us (Hindus) to get united & save our counrty. The name Dhiraj is in the following categories: Hindi Names, Hindu Names, Indian Names, Sanskrit Names. quite informative will you be able to inform the origin and native villages of samnotre Brahminsraman.samnohtra@gmail.com07798917514. I think we should only be happy to know our roots and praise that we are not converted to Muslims by courage shown by our ancestors in past..if they were also lost time in these dumb debate, we whould have been called by some other name..hop all understands..thanks Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Bharat Ji. It is also the 17,328th most commonly used first name at a global level It is held by 52,899 people. Hloo kya mujhe ye bta skte h ki , goswami bahraman hote h kya??? There are 0.09 people named DHEERAJ for every 100,000 Americans. I actually wants to know that what is the difference between bhardwaj and rattan bhardwaj. we dont know who is our kul devi in jammu. Can someone please tell me any history about my caste? Submit Information on This Surname for a Chance to Win a $79 Genealogy DNA Test. Surname Kunchala. DHEERAJ is ranked as the 19130th most popular given name in the United States with an estimated population of 297. This last name is most frequently used in India, where it is carried by 766 people, or 1 in 1,001,391. These are all same but with different spellings. And Some areas from Gurdaspur and Pathankot. Within census records, you can often find information like name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and occupations. I actually wants to know that what is the difference between bhardwaj and rattan bhardwaj. Sir, Pl let me know about our self , as our elders say that we are Dogra Brahmin, Balhotra from Chak Balhotra near Jammu but since long, our elders leave the native place and went to other part of India, I want to know some more detail about ourself if you can help, Parveen Sharma. It is said that they come from mehtas only but 1 din jammu par raj krne ko mila tha isly tb se rajmehta ho gye. surname in the World. so is this bawe wali maa is our kuldeviregards manik dogra, Hey brothers and sisters !! It has varoius casts including General, SCs and OBCs. A user from India says the name Dheeraj means "Brave person". Both male and female name variations exists in many South Asian languages that originate from Sanskrit. Its most attractive baby name & pronunciation is also simple .The meaning of dheeraj is 'Patience, Consolation.' Why Magotra is not included in the list?? Lv 4. Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir, Please anyone tell me about Barswal/Bersal/Bersal/Beersal or Veersal Brahmans. of j & k. My grandfathers name was pandit mulkh raj dogra, may be you can find out from elders in your family if that rings a bell. Our caste prejudices manifest themselves most clearly Caste and skin colour are the most important criteria for admitting a strange woman into that most intimate circle, the home and the family. In India it is most common in: Telangana, where 16 percent are found, Andhra Pradesh, where 14 percent are found and Bihar, where 14 percent are found. Most Common. Biradti gate will come on right side 8 km before samba.2. And my grandfather was also in army and my many uncles too !! Lv 6. By Birth, Vaish. dheeraj in Hindi Language written like धीरज. By the way would you tell some thing about Barkulia like Gotra etc. Facebook. NOTE: KHAJURE ARE NOW CALLED KHAJURIA AND JHANGOTRA AS CHANGOTRA, LIKE THAT MANY OTHER TITLE MAY HAVE CHANGED AND MANY NEW SUB-CASTE'S MAY HAVE APPEARED AS SUB-CLASSIFICATIONS OF ABOVE CASTE'S.MOST OF DOGRA BRAHMINMS ARE SARASWAT BRAHMIN'S. III. Mirzapur (TV Series 2018– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. And also that where from our ancestors were migrated to this village and who are the kuldevi and kuldevta of us.Thanks, Sir hum Proch Brahmins hai.......hum samba district ke mandhera village , sanoora village aur naaran village se belong karte hai......hum logon ka gotra Kashyap hai......Hume bhi add karo sir, Sir apko koi jaankari hai sadathia brahmins jo chenani side rehte hai unka gotra kya hai, Recently I visited my kul Devi place ahead of panthi, I am from behrotre subcast , can somebody give detail of my cast, sir,hamari cast banathia he ham riasi se he aap ki list me hamara naam nahi he, We are prangoli pandit,our prohits are same who were prohits of maharaja harisingh ,how we know our jathere .now the time we believe in buaditta ji ( jhiri). Secondly its good to hear from u that ur forefathers were from the same village. People with surname "Bansal" belong to which caste? I am a Bellan Loach brahmin.Thank you, Does a Bhardwaj Bharamin n marry a rajput jamwal girl of Bhardwaj gotra? T D Dogra ji muje badi sharam k sath likhna pad raha hai ki Brahmno ko be aapne classes (Upper class/Middle Class/Lower class) main bant rakha hai. now i pakistan (gurdaspur). Dheeraj Surname. All the brahmans whether they r general brahmins,DOGRA brahmins kashmiri brahmans all r equal n brahmin Sabha J&K has equal request for all. See more of Ramgarhia "The Born Expert" on Facebook. A *Ahdi * Arrii * Assi. my ancesstors were from kanjrur village which is in the dist. It does not indicate any caste or clan or type of Brahmins. 4 years ago. In Brahman Sabha J&K HQ-Venisangam (Chenani) Distt.Udhampur; Jammu & Kashmir all the castes n people of Brahman Bradries r equal. We are Poonchia Brahmin not Dogra Brahmin...We are from The Clan of warrior race...our caste's are SASAN,Suden,Rein,Ranyal,Issar,Tara, Bhagnal,Uttàmdyal,.....etc. Highest density in: Kuwait. Dheeraj. Kaushal is a Gotra not a caste, many people start writin Gotra instead of caste resulting in loss of caste after few generations. Sir, I am a Khajuria Brahmin I was told by my Grandfather that we migrated from Datarpur(Pb) to vill. "BHARAT MATA KI JAI" Regds Nitin Sharma. She later made her television debut in Chand Ke Paar Chalo (2007–2008) and also appeared in Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam (2009–2010). may also be a first name. आदरणीय बन्धु जय परशुरामI am bhimwal (mohyal) from batala. Press alt + / to open this menu. Please anyone tell me about Barswal/Bersal/Beersal or Veersal Brahmans. Bilaloch Brahmin, Can you explain their origin, i am Sargoch brahman which is not enterned in your list.....सुदेश भारती शर्मा परशुराम युवा दल ऊधम्पुर 9419161845. Sir please tell me to which class the Jard brahamans belong, Sir Can U gave Some Information About Banal Padhe, Please anyone tell me about Barswal/Bersal/Beersal or Veersal Brahmans. 9811871658, When their is caste there is caste hierarchy it is bitter fact. and why people consider that verma title is only used by obc's, Magotra caste is not included in Dogra Brahman Sabha. The meaning of this surname is not listed. And Some areas from Gurdaspur and PathankotPlease give me indetail information till, Shri Brahma ji to Barswal, Pls koi banotra caste aur kuldevta ki jankari rakhta hai..toh btana, Sir,My gotrr is prasher, and my cast as per our elders knowledge is patten some people of our cast called our cast pttya and some people are called upadhyaay, Our kuldevi sajoti at village dranglaa distt Gurdaspur and some families of our cast residing at village Bhatti near Bobiyaa border tehsil marheen distt. I am a Chartered Accountant working at as Vice President-Finance in a Multi National Bank. Dogra Bhopal9425017121skdogra@gmail.com. Share. Little is known about them. They have the high inventiveness and the down-to-earth practicality. Classification is biased to promote geo-specific clans by creating the order mentioned in the website. Hamara pandit Haridwar mey hai, aur pichli 6 peediyon ki jaankari dey chuka hai mujhay, gotra toe choti baat hai. There are many Vaid in Himachal. It may also be found as:. Dheeraj Badyal are High class Saraswat Brahmins. could you pls help me in finding my history. Ramgarhia Sikh Subcastes. Bhagwan Parshuram Kis Kul Kai hai...Kuch malum hai....Bhargava Kul K.....aur SASAN Caste ko bhul gya likneh mai....jai Dada Parshuram..... jitender sharma ,shriman ji ham layak smael gotra hai par upar kahi b naam ni hai pls btaye kuch 9596698062. As per my knowledge, Barkulias are brahmins found in great number in Jammu, Udhampur and Kathua districts. We the brown are there and I am proud to be brown. We are farmers we have ancestral land !! perhaps from Jammu, Kathua and Kangra Dehradhun Uttrankhand. This name is in the 92nd percentile, this means that nearly 7% of all the first names are more popular. dheeraj Name Meaning. Click on it"Brahminsabhajk.blogspot.com"And write ur caste in comment. Please respond on my query. Create New Account. It also occurs in Kuwait, where 7 percent are found and Pakistan, where 2 percent are found. DOGRA SARASWAT BRAHMIN OF JAMMU REGION 1. Dheeraj is a Boy name, meaning patience in Hindu origin. All the brahmin Bradries, all the Sabha members of Dogra Brahmin Pratinidhi Sabha, Brahmin Sabha Udhampur, Kathua, Reasi, Doda, Poonch, Rajouri, Kashmir,Ladakh, Jammu r most welcome in maha mail. Rg. The Jammu and Kashmir have good number of Mohiyal, many of them are Sikhs. Khajuria kuldev sthan near Bag-e-Bahu in Jmu city.Pl go there, u will get idea, i also khajuria and my grand paa told that our kul devi is maa kali. If there are any issues in the community that you would like to speak about, visit www.mayatoday.com or www.mayatoday.in, you can also click 'e-paper' and see our e-paper daily issue every day in the morning and leave us a message so we can talk about any problem and perhaps get it published. Samrat Reddy is an Indian model and an actor who mainly works for the Telugu Film Industry.. Now he is going to enter the controversial house of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 2’ as a contestant.Check out Samrat Reddy Wiki, Height, Weight, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Caste, Family, Biography & More. 5 Answers. Dear Sanchit,The Khajuria Brahmins are essentially a Dogra Saraswat Brahmins of Duggar region. Wadhawan Family OccupationsWhat did your Wadhawan ancestors do for a living? THE MURDER of a police inspector in Guna has shocked police brass. My surname is pandey...n my gotra is savarna..so accordingly who will be my kuldevi?? pls also tell me in which class pangotra BHRAMIIN FALL.regardsnitin sharma9811871658, your kul devta is Babwa Bali karan Ji at chak Dulma, Rajpura, Samba and Kul devi is Ryi Dati at Rai Ghagwal, SamabMy name is vishal pangotra call me at 9596990458 for further details. Our Kul devi is in Rai Sujani, kindly enlighten on origin of our ancestors.Regards. All saraswat brahmins of Jammu and Kashmir and of Himachal have common origin and saraswat brahmins of Jammu and of Kashmir share common genetic origin hence the same group. The names of chakras are based on the numbers associated with each name. Dear Sir, i m nitin sharma a pangotra brahmin. Gautam gotra nd my ancestors shifted from Sialkot pasroor . People from different cast were the part of Balotra during Mughal Kaal.Rathore Kings had created CHATRION KA MORCHA while fighting with Mughals. Person with name Dheeraj tend to be very inspiring, creative and great visionaries and possess all the intelligence, sensitivity, and electric creativity that such a power would suggest. Balhotra, Bhalotra, Balotra are originally from Balotra the place in Rajasthan. I m padyad brahmin from hiranagar, my gotra is bharadwaj, does anybody know where our kuldevtas are, I found many other padyad brahmins wuth different gotras, can we have same kuldevta with different gotras, plzz rply if anybody knows. Hello, my name is Deepak Dogra. Comments on Dheeraj. The Kesar are considered to be high class saraswat brahmins. Dear Nitin, my name is Dheeraj Dogra, incidentally my ancestors also came from Kanjrur( it was also called kanjrur dattan )in shakargarh. 10 years ago. I am khajuria our kul devta is Kali veer !! Brahmin Sabha J&K, HQ-Bain Venisungam(Chenani) has fixed the date of Annual Maha Mail of All Brahmin Bradries as 2nd Sunday of November every year. I'm Raina from Jammu. There I came to know that we are Raine, Saraswat Brahmin..now just reading this Blog and found that we are more interested in knowing that which Brahmin is higher and which is lower. Qualificati on Date of Birth Caste Caste validity Date of First Appointment Experience as adhoc (Years) Break in service Break in service period/Appoint ment order not available Courtca se (Y/N) D.E./ Complaint (Y/N) C.R. A low-caste Dalit boy is killed in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh for sharing a name with a man of a higher caste, police say. Did they migrate from Jammu or Rajasthan, Sir where are sarkhandias brahmins and kerni brahmins, What is alternate name of Katkash gotra ? This name is most often used as a first name, 100% of the time. Name starting with surname Circle Code No. I m dogra Brahmin can u plz tell me our kul devta and kul devi. Most of them were shifted to Jammu, Himachal, Punjab. Sir from where sudhraliye brahmins originated? What is the difference between class A class b and class c Brahman however we all are son of lord Brahma 2. Voh brahman sab jaankari darj karkay rakhtay hain. This is a tip of iceberg. Apart from Mohiyal Brahmins, other brahmin castes like Khajuria, Sudan, Raina, Susan of poonch area also adopted sikhism. We are generally attracted towards army or police !! or. I will be glad if you can help me in this and suggest me some books or material where I can get more data related to this.. waiting for response... thank you.. We believe in only g8 sanatma Dharam...... No one is brahmin by birth ..... Jai mahakal, Sir fayal brahmin dewal gotr h hmari ......wo bhi daalo list mein, Sir hamari caste puria hai hum brahmin pandit hai hamara surname nhi Aaya idr wo kyu hum pandit nhi Rahe Kya, No tharmatt brahmin in your list which having sandilya gotra what your method clasifing brahmin, What about your comment related sandliya gotra. Most prevalent in: India. The Vaid are Mohiyal Saraswat Brahmins, the Martial Brahmins among Saraswat Brahmin Community. These are all same but with different spellings. Which category do they belong???? Indu, one of the other names for Chandra, is also the name of the first chakra of Melakarta ragas in Carnatic music. We are Sadotra Brahmans.. We got to know about our gotra "Swarn/ Swarna" about 5-6 years ago. Thirdly U r absolutely right it was also called as Kanjrur Dattan. Anonymous. What wrong you find in that, nothing in that all fair. Bahi apka kul devta Jammu Mai bawe baali maata Mai hai bahi jaan, badyal bradari ki varshik kuldevta ji ki mail har saal ki tarar ramnauvi 5/4/17 ko 10 baje vill suchani tel raya jammu main hai .parivaar sahit pahuchne ki kirpalta kare.09815666606, I want history of prangol nd pangotra brahmins.