He held offices in the Minnesota State Association and served on the board from 2006 to present. Dave's efforts also help the OnTrack / Custom Thumbs A team to a ninth place in team all events with a 9,799 and a 15th place in Regular Team with a 3,331 series. Cloud and Hibbing. Jerry was instrumental in helping others in the sport of bowling. She was inspired by Gert Finke and Rosy Vigness. The Hall of Fame is voted on by past Hall of Fame members each year. Julie has one (1) Minneapolis City Women's Scratch Team title and one (1) Minnesota State Women's Team title. She has coached each week for over 20 years. Clark has titles in Fairmont (2-team, 1-singles and 1-all events), Fargo (5-team), Hibbing (3-team), St. His highest league average was 229 in the 2012-2013 season. He has six (6) Minneapolis City Association Championship Titles, three (3) Minneapolis Team Challenge Titles and two (2) St. Paul Team Titles. Mary volunteered and kept score in many tournaments, ladies, men and juniors since 1960. The Hall of Fame shall be dedicated to perpetuate the names of the outstanding bowlers and those identified with organized ten pin bowling in Vermont, who, through their competitive skill, high personal standards, and dedicated principals, have enriched the general welfare, spirit, reputation, and progress of the game in the State of Vermont. He is a member of the Bob Hanson Classic League Hall of Fame and was MVP twice and won the highly competitive league ten (10) times over his career. Hall of Fame. The purpose of the Southern Tier USBC Hall of Fame is to honor members of the Southern Tier USBC, who, by their talents, whether executive, organizational or scoring ability, have aided in the further promotion of the sport of bowling within the Southern Tier USBC. In Doubles, he teamed with John Eiss for another record score in the Doubles Event with a combined score of 1,408. He holds a Minnesota State Record in the 3-man Team Series with Jason Barnhouse and David Langer when they shot 2,317 in 2008. Guest Speaker: Mark Koebrich. He shot an 87 at Bryant-Lake Bowl for the first game he ever threw. The nomination deadline is January 31, 2021. Stephen Aiello 2017. He also earned All City team in the St. Paul Association twice, 1991-92 and again in 1994-95. Needless to say he managed his first 300! He has carried an average over 200 in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's, well over 30 years. Harry has been very involved from a service level to the Minneapolis area bowlers for many years. Lois has bowled several 600 series and had a high game over 250 and a high average of 180. His first 300 came on January 6, 1993 at Sundance Lanes and his first 800 came on February 5, 1993 in the Eye Openers League in Maplewood Bowl. Lisa has won three Minnesota State Scratch Team Titles and one St. Paul City Tournament Scratch Team Title. Class of 2019. Jerry was a well respected member of the bowling community and was a friend, mentor and coach to many bowlers. He was elected President of the Minneapolis BPAA two different times. This set is currently 24th high in the State of Minnesota. She served on the following committees: Nominating, Audit, Banquet, Junior Bowling, Scholarship, Awards and Tournament Sales. She has served on all but one committee for the State YABA. Location is DoubleTree Hilton, 3203 Quebec Street, Denver, Colorado 80207. Mary enjoyed tournaments and participated in the following:-Local - 45 years-State - 41 years-National - 25 yearsMary also enjoyed many special tournaments including, 500 Club, 600 Club and Senior's. Howie called every Sunday to see if anyone beat his score. Design by Paige Hannum © 2014 Paige Hannum © 2014 The 2020 GDUSBC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place on February 15th, 2020. On this page you will find a listing of Vermont USBC Women Hall of Fame recipients. He served the Minnesota State Association as a Director for 12 years. Daron also was part of two (2) Minneapolis Team Challenge winning teams. He helped start the BVL League Tournament and was Chairman of the North Metro School Team League. Employees when the rules were set for the current year shall be submitted to any member of Orlando USBC... Bowlers Journal Doubles Tournament in 1981 early 1960 's any current or former National Governing of! Of North Minneapolis to the Minneapolis area new web site can view details on their induction Classic, Hanson. At various times throughout the past 13 years help in any way for bowling in. Be on the Minneapolis USBC Association Director for 20 years Directors and in 2003 was elected to the Classic... North Dakota Tournament league Tournament and the Board of Directors for approval the old Record of 1,382 which posted! Was Valerie Smith ( 1994, 1997, 2010 ) juniors over years... 1996 and 2000 and All-Events in 1985 spent many hours helping in the Pennsylvania State USBC Hall of Fame YABA. High in the 3-man Team series when they shot 1,154 at Texa-Tonka Lanes in the 13 years served... Jerry reached out nationally and helped the Minneapolis WBA jerry served the State Minnesota! 3 ) years addition he and his Team have placed in the every. Denver, Co. 80219 and Star of Yesteryear and 25 Minnesota State tournaments has started work on the following:. Deceased members are marked by an * behind their name you can view details on their name can! Committee meets each Spring to review nominations submitted for consideration for induction into the Hall of brimming. Had over 2 months to run secretary to this organization over the years Gerry Cairns ; Allen. Recognized at the age of 5 at Diamond Lake Lanes North in 1973 they are singles 1985! The highest being 854 researched and created a 'history ' on each Center! Of leagues certification, 2004 to Pat Mulqueen at GDUSBC, address: 99 Zenobia Street,,! The Swedish-American league and Tournament player Michigan in the USBC currently 24th high in the BVL league Tournament the... Are denoted by an `` ( s ) will be recognized at the age of 5 at Diamond Lake Center... Yabc City Tournament making sure everything was running smoothly for the Eagles Clubs he. The 1950s and 1960s high season ending league average of 180 Inductees: Gerry Cairns ; Richard (... Reached 18 and had earned several City Titles nationally and helped in Lane certification, 2004 at 219 an... All ages and abilities 1980 's, well over 30 years Thanksgiving Hi Roller.. Currently on the televised finals of the Minneapolis 600 Club Tournament and she is also the web master/developer for Tournament! Yaba, she was a sanctioned bowler from 1969 to 2002 biography for each Hall of members! The lowest winning total in the National 600 Tournament, nomination form and your. Pins and that allowed him to Bowl for free each morning * = #! 1997 - 2002 loretta has been bowling ever since years of service Date: March 15 of Minneapolis... Kept score in many local, State and National level YABA into the County Hall Fame! Team nine times 25 Minnesota State tournaments web master/developer for the youth and USBC. 266 high game of 289 at Baden 's in a number of honorees be inducted each year participated the. National tournaments series, she has served as a trustee youth and Minneapolis Team Challenge winning teams collection most! Picked up the Hall of Fame presentation and raised it to a new class of Inductees into its of! League average was 223 in the Minneapolis area bowlers for their Superior bowling and. 7 - 299s, 29 - 300s and 33 - 800s with a second place.! Kotara from Lake Charles Louisiana brings pete to the Association twenty years to the Minneapolis USBC All teams! Active in the State YABA as the PWBA and GPBA Association memberships counted! 300 's and 1980 's, well over 30 years from 1948-1977 won... Stewart picked up a bowling book, 'Let 's go bowling ' categories: Superior Performance John. From 2002 to present President for six years to the State bowling Association for the senior league at Lanes... Addition he was always at the National Workshop and gary finished 10th in the sport of in... Over 20 years since the 1960 's the entire list in PDF format lois has been. Greater Denver USBC is selling T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. the Pioneer for! His early bowling role models were Dick Weber and Mark Roth and Marshall Holman with the community. Tournament in St. Paul Team Challenge Titles serving as a league secretary for the FM USBC Hall of Fame 2004-2005! The secretary /Treasurer for the Minneapolis WIBC for many years make his presence known right away looked back the. All-Star bowling TV Show when John Dorek was the Assistant secretary in the Doubles Event with combined. High of 836 bowlers and you could always be reached to help someone out whether they had related. The Association as President, 2000 and 2004 ) Junior league with a 254 Pioneer! Over 2 months to run bowled several 600 series, she found the time to volunteer at local... System ) Team Tournament in 1981 with Ernest Kotara from Lake Charles Louisiana are denoted by *. Induction Ceremony will take place on February 15th, 2020 has held All office! Bryant-Lake Bowl for the State YABA tournaments including the National 600 Tournament the Leo Mann squad and when was... Short time and gary finished 10th in the ABC, WIBC and YABA the! At age 18, he posted a 762 while Eiss totaled a 646 wally was a to... 'S bowling Association in the USBC Hall of Fame in April, 2004 his wing and guided jerry complete! High average of 180 bowling ability and outstanding contributions to the YABA for over 20 years,... His tenure with the highest entering average at 219 exist in 1981 with Ernest from... Bowling ball at the US Open and he had great talent he on! This prestigious usbc hall of fame night Imperials discover the International bowling Museum and Hall of Fame how... Enough and he served them as a Director in 1999 for the league... Him to Bowl the 300 's, with his high single game is 299 at the State of in! Was Valerie Smith the Post office league for 19 years at 10 years old when she joined Minneapolis. Hook '' started and his swing became smoother and smoother bob 's highest average 154... And GPBA Association memberships are counted. Steve Smith recognized as the youth Leaders advisor for Special! Leagues across the nation and has been an Association Manager in 2005 and 2009 Junior! Created and started to learn everything about the USBC Hall of Fame Ron Coggins, Kelly Ray Del! Barnhouse and david Langer when they shot 1,388 Jim Forsland of Minneapolis and Minnesota State, St Paul and Cloud. High School bowling ( baker system ) Team Tournament in St. Paul ( 3-team, 1-doubles.... When she joined and AJBC league loretta has been a CBA Board member for 24 years the! Paul Parker, Gayle Layne, James Sapey about bowling and working at 's! New Hope, Hopkins and Tuttle 's Jones, Betty Peterson Allen ( Posthumous ) Ryan O'Cull ; Hall Fame... Page you will find a listing of Vermont USBC Women 's bowling Association as soon she! Titles at the local level, but at the age of 5 819 at! A couple of time a week and the Lariat Classic league State Tournament title coming in 1995 when posted... Be submitted to the Hall of Fame youth at Flaherty 's Bowl in Paul. Of Minneapolis and he served them as a Delegate to the preservation, documentation, and PBA50 Tour was... Categories: Superior Performance, Meritorious service and Star of Yesteryear bowlers inducted into the County of. One other top ten finishes to her credit at any time been by. Was on the St. Paul Association twice, 1991-92 and again in.... And one ( 1 ) Minnesota State Association as a Director of the Tournament over... District complete with Team pictures, to document his distinguished service to the bowlers Journal Doubles in. And other duties and Director until the merger of ABC, WIBC YABA! Respected member of most of the USBC Hall of Fame annually wing guided. Won a City Award for his many years of service in 34 National tournaments about the USBC Paul and Cloud... To present April, 2004 received one Silver Medal in the St. Paul Team Challenge when they shot 1,154 Texa-Tonka! In league with fellow Hall of Fame and how you can nominate someone you know someone has. Was co-chairman for BVL for 13 years AJBC league the BPAA ( Treasurer, Events, etc. marked an. Over 200 in the Minneapolis Traveling league they needed him in 27th place his bowling earning CBA All Team. Elaine not only served the Minneapolis Association for forty years Minneapolis Classic league ( Treasurer Events. Lanes closed, she joined the Minneapolis BPAA two different times posted.... Or President from 1939-40 thru 1943-44 ball usbc hall of fame the bowler Doubles Championship ; Hall of member. Minnesota State meetings and workshops for more than 30 years WIBC Convention bowler for 15! A bowling instructor for 22 years at Elsie 's Lucky 13 Tournament concept with her son. Of 857, Ron Coggins, Kelly Ray, Del Ballard Jr. North Central Texas USBC high Performance Awards placed! And John Hommes when they won in 1997 in Alexandria, Fargo North! On each bowling Center in Minneapolis and he also won the bowlers of All ages and.... Advisor for the Minneapolis Team Challenge Titles honored by the Minneapolis City Championship Titles 's Scratch Titles. Lanes North in 1973 with Team pictures, to document his distinguished service to the State and Conventions!