The classic Americano tops up the original Milano-Torino cocktail with soda water, giving you more time to enjoy this elegantly effervescent aperitivo. A martini may also be served on the rocks; that is, with the ingredients poured over ice cubes and served in an old fashioned glass. On the opposite coast from St. George, Caledonia Spirits has rigged up a Vermont-derived vodka that lends its own unique taste to the vodka martini. Well. aperitivo with the vodka martini cocktail Clean, crisp foods such as seabass carpaccio and ceviche make an exceptional match with the pared-back simplicity of a Vodka Martini cocktail. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Vodka and vermouth is no more a martini than a Cosmopolitan is a martini. This is one of the super drinks of the bar and a cocktail that home bar enthusiasts should try and master. This vodka dirty martini is one of my favorite cocktails! It's a very potent mix and … Beyond that, it depends on preference and base spirits. It will have the standard olive garnish, and it will be mixed with ice in a cocktail shaker. Dispose of excess vermouth. These days in restaurants in bars, you almost always have to distinguish whether you want gin or vodka in your martini. In this uncompromising twist on the classic Gin Martini cocktail, the smooth flavour of the vodka allows the botanicals of the vermouth to shine through. We mean the legitimate variations, like the Vodka Martini (self-explanatory), the Reverse Martini (swap your gin and vermouth ratios) and the Perfect Martini, which features an equal split of dry and sweet vermouth. A martini is a predinner alcoholic drink traditionally served in a special cocktail glass. A triangular top with a tall stem is the preferred style, commonly called the martini glass. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. For a Dry Martini: The Walter Collective ($47) We grant you, $47 is a steep price for a bottle of vodka, but when it’s a vodka that tastes as complex as this Washington state vodka, it’s worth it. No longer a Martini. Vodka is made from grain, and its historical origins are fuzzy. Finally, strain the drink into a martini glass and serve it with an olive. Traditionally, vodka may be made from virtually anything — grapes, soy, beets, potatoes, corn, wheat, and rye. However, regardless of the Martinis enduring fame, there… Fill with ice and stir until chilled. At . Dispose of excess vermouth. The martini's popularity skyrocketed after British Agent 007, James Bond, ordered a martini in the hit movie "Dr. £26. Wet Martini: Usually signifies a Martini that’s a little sweeter than the average. As always, a good foundation is key. Pour in the vermouth and vodka and stir for about 20 seconds. The history behind the martini is murky at best and the traditional tall-stemmed V-shaped martini glass is one of the most recognizable glasses on the bar. Images Most bars feature an entire menu of martinis and these drinks often include a mixture of vodka, sweetened syrups and sometimes a splash of fruity liquor as well. The Martini is timeless, an effortlessly elegant bar staple that will surpass the recent obsessions over intricate herbal syrups and whimsical, mismatched ingredients for years to come. The vodka martini's popularity rivals that of the classic gin martini, which inspired it. A wonderful combination of vodka, vermouth and olive brine, it’s a classic and also one of the world’s most recognizable cocktails. Community Q&A Search. I just don't think vermouth and vodka play well together (whereas gin and vermouth is a wonderful combo). Simple and yet surprisingly customizable, martinis were traditionally made only with gin.