2. Just be sure to time your swings carefully when you jump off to the platform on the other side. Far-cry-5-prepper-stash-locations-16.jpg All the Prepper Stashes in Holland Valley (John's Region) | Location & Solution Guide | Far Cry 5 - YouTube. From there, hop down to the final room, duck through the final vent in the wall, and then enter the bunker to claim your prize. Unfortunately, the bunker itself is flooded, but the stash note will inform you that restarting the power down at the boathouse will drain it dry and let you access what goodies survived the drink. As you ride the zipline shoot the sniper on the other roof and if you need it, grab his sniper rifle. Collecting Far Cry 5 silver bars allows you to buy prestige clothes, skins, vehicles and weapons from every shop in the game. This section of our Far Cry 5 Side Missions Guide details all the optional missions found in Jacob’s region This particular guide is for side-quests in Jacob’s region of Whitetail Mountains. This Prepper stash is buzzing with enemies large and small, but fortunately fire will take care of both the cultists and the bees guarding this stash, so we recommend bringing several Molotov’s and the materials to make more in case things get dicey. Far Cry 5 features a sidequest called "Light 'Em Up," which has players searching for 14 Silos in John Seed's region of the map. Be sure to at least pick up the bow on the wall while you’re at it, even if you would rather swap it back for your previous weapon. When you arrive, there will be your usual mix of cultist trash milling about along with a few rattlesnakes, clear the area and check the cache note on a large stone at the entrance to the farm. Head inside and break the small wooden wall in the way and loot to your heart’s content. Join. You’ll come here as part of a quest with a certain questionable CIA agent, but you won’t be able to snag the stash during the quest itself so keep this in mind before you speak to anyone with a pony tail in the area. Just picking it up will unlock it for free at the shop so you can grab it whenever you want to hunt or take out enemies the old fashioned way. Two of … They are needed for the False Idols side mission and earn you Resistance Points towards your story progress in Faith’s Region and Dutch’s Region.. You can find the shrines at the locations below: Trailers are hard. Either way, make your way to the Bridge of Tears and clear out the enemies as you see appropriate, then make your way to the underside of the bridge and climb the scaffolding to the south. Make your way into the main cabin and look in the back-left corner. Already did everything available in the map in that area and I'm still missing 3 missions, I'm pretty sure that 2 are the collectible side-quests, but I don't know about the last one. Far Cry 5 has 16 Shrine Locations exclusive to Faith’s Region and 2 on Dutch’s Island. For Far Cry 5 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "At 49/52 in John's region". 51/52 Missions In Johns Region Far Cry 5 I have destroyed the yes sign, I have all the prepper stashes (checked online), I am aware of the comic books and lighters being a part of John's region, I did not miss destroying the revelator or the patrolling convoys, what am I missing? A few whacks from a melee weapon should get you inside but beware that this is when bees start to become an issue, so stay crouched and try not to get on their bad side. Jacobs ghost soldier things are WAY easier than the Angels in faiths region. To leave you can either make your way past the blombies (Bliss zombies) again or use your grappling hook to climb out using the mineshaft above you. Far Cry 5 All Prepper Stashes in Holland Valley John's Region - YouTube. I must be blind because I don't see it anywhere on the map...but I'm only looking in Faith's region because I've completed John's already. Far-cry-5-prepper-stash-locations-11.jpg Our final hurdle of the evening is a jump puzzle. Created Aug 30, 2011. If you stay crouched you can get through the area without getting attacked, but if you want the small safe hidden behind one hive you’ll need to use a Molotov to set it on fire. The whole map is accessible from the start (after prologue). Slide down the latter into the flooded bunker and make a beeline for the desk across the room where you’ll find the keycard you’re looking for. All Discussions ... Map is flat. Far-cry-5-prepper-stash-locations-6.jpg 2 years ago. This is a hint to prompt you to toss a stick of dynamite at the stream of water on the wall to raise the water level, so you can swim to the other side of the cavern. Be prepared for a wolverine (not the Marvel variety) to charge you as soon as you do. This includes both Side Missions and main missions. Top posts april 1st 2018 Top posts of april, 2018 Top posts 2018. When the area is clear, make your way to the farmhouse attached to the grain elevator and climb up to the boarded-up window. Or at least try to. John is a cult lawyer prepared to defend his family through the legal system. (WTH) Benny. Boards. 3. Unlock full guide for $9.99 ... Overview: Regional Conflicts Map Legend Dutch’s Region Overview John’s Region Overview Subregion 1: Gardenview Subregion 2: Copperhead Rail Yard Climb in and you’ll find a locked security door that needs power to open. This next stash is a bit tricky. This next stash gives you a chance to practice your inner trick-shot aficionado. Once you arrive, you’ll find a note that informs you a resistance fighter locked himself in the stash and promptly died, and another beside the door from a cultist who thinks he can shoot the lock off from across the reservoir. It’s best to cook the dynamite for a second or so before throwing for the best results. All missions, outposts and prepper stashes are detailed in their respective sections. Far Cry 5 is kicking off in a big way, and while you’re busy with all the guns, characters, missions, and wildlife, it’s easy to overlook the prepper stashes hidden throughout Montana. You can actually see the pipe from the camp if you look to the south near the edge of the river, so hop down the cliff and make your way inside. The next stash on our list is a breeze to snag, but does require lockpicking or a comparable skill. From there carefully follow the climbing paint and blue bars to make your way to the top of silo where you can claim your prize. This prepper cache is a bit of a doozy, but it’s also one of the coolest hidden quests in the game. Your next step is to get a little wet, if you don’t have the Human Fish perk, now’s the time to purchase it. Nothing blew up when I entered the room, but the second you throw the switch, be prepared for things to get spicy. To get started, you’ll need to head to the southeastern corner of the John’s region past Orville Creek to a tiny farm called the Wellington Residence. The note informs you that the bunker is out back is flooded, and if you make your way out to the shed you’ll find that not only is that the case, but the key to the pumphouse is down in the bunker itself. You should find a few cultists hanging out at the entrance to the drain, and if you do snag a shotgun or a full auto weapon off their body if you’re not already packing something beefy. Far-cry-5-prepper-stash-locations-38.jpg #3. The last zipline will send you crashing into the top of a silo where you’ll find the prepper’s stash along with a pile of cash and skill points. This prepper stash is actually Grace’s bunker located in the burnt out remains of her old home and fortunately, aside from the guards, it’s not difficult to snag. John came to underst… Make your way to the boathouse just down the hill to the west using the zipline and either pick the lock on the door, or if you’re still relatively low level, hop in the water and swim around to the boat launch on the other side of the shed. There are 44 missions on John’s Region. It’ll prompt you to look for a hidden mine and a pile of cached explosives. 3 missions left in the John region, something is bugged? The point is to make it into the locked-up garage to claim your prize. Nature Provides. Head to Bo Adam’s Cave in Jacob’s Region and speak with him there. We’ll have two more articles in this series where we break down the locations of stashes in Faith and Jacob’s neck of the woods, so check back soon! Far Cry 5 is kicking off in a big way, and while you’re busy with all the guns, characters, missions, and wildlife, it’s easy to overlook the prepper stashes hidden throughout Montana. So wanted to 100% this region before leaving. Far Cry 5 Official Digital Strategy Guide for PC, PS4, Xbox One Redeem code for this guide Unlock full guide for $9.99. Far Cry 5 is a wide open world and the above are just recommendations for the early campaign in John's region. CD Projekt Red boss apologizes for Cyberpunk 2077 launch,... Review: Super Meat Boy Forever is a fun runner game that... Review: Godfall is a thoughtful hack’n slash that deserves... Keanu Reeves talks about working on Cyberpunk 2077. Platforms: PlayStation 5 (reviewed), PC At first glance, Godfall seems like the perfect game to show off your new PS5 (if you were lucky to grab one, that is... As we near the December 10 release date for Cyberpunk 2077 , developers CD Projekt Red are consistently dropping new and cool behind the scenes videos about... Microsoft dropped a bombshell on the video game world with its recent acquisition of ZeniMax Media, the company that owns some of the biggest developers in the... Assassin's Creed Origins: Gold Edition Xbox One [Digital Code], Assassin's Creed Origins: Deluxe Edition Xbox One [Digital Code], Assassin's Creed Origins: Standard Edition Xbox One [Digital Code], Assassin's Creed Origins: Season Pass Xbox One [Digital Code], Impressions: Far Cry 5’s New Game+ makes cultists worth fighting again, Impressions: Far Cry 5’s Dead Living Zombies DLC is pointless zombie fun, Far Cry 5’s Dead Living Zombies DLC launches on August 28. Far Cry 5 PlayStation 4 . According to The Book of Joseph, the Duncans considered John's soul to be tainted, and they psychologically tortured John in confessing all and any sins through interrogation and a series of fundamentalist pastors. There’s quite a bit lying around so supply shouldn’t be much of an issue. Once you return to the bunker, activate the yellow valve on the red pipes to the left and the water will drain away. Climb on top of the office using the ladder to the left, then hop across to enter the site itself. User Info: jeffdmaples. As you would expect this is lethal, so swim at your own risk. Stand up to the cult’s leaders, Joseph Seed and the Heralds, as you spark the fires of resistance that will liberate the besieged community. This particular bunker is easily one of the most dangerous on this list, and you’re likely to take damage one way or another so make sure you bring meds accordingly. You’ll find the location of the stash just north of Fall’s End at Deep North Irrigation Reservoir, it’s easy to spot once you get close, just look for a tower on the edge of a small lake. Far-cry-5-prepper-stash-locations-57.jpg To get started, make your way to Lincoln Lookout Tower just to the southwest of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Tower. Make your way to Dodd’s Dumps north of Fall’s End, and when you arrive, check out the note beside the small construction office on the north side of the site to learn that the cache is hidden in an ex-foreman’s office. He’s surprisingly tough but should go down to a few shotgun shells. Prepper stashes are caches of supplies spread throughout the map that not only give you a massive boost in cash and supplies, but also contain skill magazines you can read for special perks and free skill points. To find the stash you’ll need to make your way to the Armstrong Residence itself, which is between the Lamb of God Church where you meet Grace, and Fall’s End. Once he’s down, turn right again and you’ll find the cache behind a locked door at the end of the pipe. Pop it open and the cache, along with a fancy Molotov upgrade schematic, will be yours. Head to the right, along the path with the pipes and the metal shelving. Just for reference it’s also just a little north of the crop circles you can see on the map. Turn around and aim towards where a door handle would normally be, and take a few shots until you get a quest update or until you see sparks that look like a lock shattering. Far Cry 5. PC Stadia Xbox One. You’ll find the cue for the stash in the radio tower on the north side of the island, at which point you can zipline down to the bunker itself from the top of the tower. but both starts in John's region, so logic would say they're the 2 missing missions, i just did John's region myself, and is stuck at the same 50/52. Just keep your hand away from the keyboard for a few seconds while you’re on the line itself, and you should make it to each platform without plummeting to your death. also the other majority of companions is in Jacobs territory which would lead one to assume the side stories that accompany the main plot would be beter played out there. Keep moving and you’ll eventually come to an open cave with water below, a cliff on the other side of the cavern, and a small waterfall pouring out of the wall on the left. Amid three DLCs and more Far Cry Arcade updates than you can shake a patriotic shovel at, Ubisoft has finally released an official New Game+ mode so... Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies is the final piece of full-length DLC on Ubisoft’s current roadmap for Far Cry 5 , and although it has its high points... Dead Living Zombies, the third and final premium DLC expansion for Far Cry 5, will launch on August 28 according to publisher Ubisoft. Fortunately, it’s only one skill point, and this stash has three skill books as a reward, so you’ll still come out ahead. Missing quest in Johns region. Kim needs you to blow up the 14 silos that Eden’s Gate has been using to store fertilizer for bomb making. To get started, just make your way to the nearby shed, climb onto the flower pot, then hop onto the roof and hop from silo to silo to make it to the zipline. With that done, drop into the bunker and then immediately back out via the ladder across the room. Attach to it, swing across, then snag the next one. This is possible; but this should actually apply for every region although I 100%ed the other 2 #2. Platforms: Switch (reviewed), PC Super Meat Boy and Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien are two of my favorite games. Climb the ladder beside the locked door and use the zipline on the roof to get across the water. Voila, you’re in. The stash itself is just northeast of the Lamb of God Church at the Doverspike Compound. Once on the platform, you’ll need to climb a bit more scaffolding and pull off another set of rappel points before you arrive at your target on the next platform. You’ll want to be relatively slow and methodical to avoid being stung but it’s not a difficult climb. Fortunately, we’ve managed to round up every location on the map for you, so you can get looting. Discuss the Far Cry series, share your custom maps, or party up with other players! Faith because she makes me horny! #3. Stay tuned for the next two articles in this series where we break down the locations in Faith and Jacob’s neck of the woods. The door should now be unlocked and you’re free to snag all the gear you need for your war with the cultists. Everything in Johns region is pretty low difficultly and it lets you get your weapons and perks ready for the rest of the game. Climb in, and then navigate through the various nooks and crannies until you arrive at the burnt out remains of the kitchen. If you stay stealthy and don’t cause an alarm you earn bonus money so this is also a decent way to farm for cash. Apr 3, 2018 @ 1:31pm Originally posted by ... johns seems tobe the most challenging to start with because you dont have the stinger to deal with planes. To get started, make your way west of Fall’s End to the Hope County Jail Bus. The good news is you only need to move it a few feet to access the hatch. Before you even try to retrieve it, you’ll need to purchase the grappling hook perk. Make your way back to the ladder and climb up to the surface, then use the key to unlock the door to the pumphouse and switch everything on. All Holland Valley Prepper Stash Locations and Solutions.00:05 - Foxhole Prepper Stash Location01:37 - Dumpster Diving Prepper Stash Location03:46 - Deep Dive Prepper Stash Location05:48 - Playing with fire Prepper Stash Location08:33 - Vespiary Prepper Stash Location12:37 - Fire in the Hole Prepper Stash Location16:01 - High Tension Prepper Stash Location17:45 - Swingers Prepper Stash Location20:06 - Long Range Lockpick Prepper Stash Location22:23 - Man Cave Prepper Stash Location25:43 - DIY and DOA Prepper Stash Location They’re secret hiding spots, each of which contains three perk magazines and some additional goodies. Far Cry 5 PlayStation 4 . 666. This guide will tell you Where Is The Last Mission In John’s Region In Far Cry 5 so you can finally 100% this region and discover a hidden main quest that would be quite difficult to stumble on. jeffdmaples 2 years ago #1. Far-cry-5-prepper-stash-locations-34.jpg Once you arrive, clear out the flame units and then circle around to the only open window in the wreckage. For starters, we’re going to break down where every Prepper Stash is in John Seed’s region of the map (see Jacob Seed's region here and Faith Seed's region here), as well as the small cache on Dutch’s Island, because that’s where chronologically you’re most likely to go first. YES sign location on map? From there, climb through a few sets of scaffolding, and you’ll fall through a weak piece of wood and land smack dab in the center of the stash. It doesn’t matter in what order you play the regions. Once you reach the top of the scaffolding you should see a rappel point to the north on the bottom of the bridge. Welcome to Hope County, Montana, land of the free and the brave, but also home to a fanatical doomsday cult—known as The Project at Eden’s Gate—that is threatening the community's freedom.