List This article has been rated as List-Class on the project's quality scale. The following is a list of fictional characters from the British sitcom The IT Crowd, which was broadcast by Channel 4 from 2006-2013. The following is a list of fictional characters from the British sitcom The IT Crowd, which was broadcast by Channel 4 from 2006-2013. In an interview with Radio Times, Linehan said "I could easily spend an hour, or half an hour, with Douglas. For example: Many horror films will have an innocent victim. Season 2.0 has menus including Tetris, Lemmings, Mortal Kombat and even a parody of the intro of Zero Wing, complete with Engrish! Compensated for being slightly more competent than his son by being an even bigger tool. Quote TV Series 5" Vinyl Sticker $ 6.75. [a] Whenever he hires a new member of staff, he likes to give them a long, hard stare to assess them. When Roy gets dumped after a date, he starts believing that girls go for "bad boys" and creates a fake profile on a dating site and, surprisingly, gets a response. The IT Crowd Chibi Roy Moss and Jen TV Series 5" Vinyl Sticker $ 6.75. [8], Maurice Moss, who goes by Moss, is a computer nerd with a side-parted afro and dark-rimmed glasses. One of Reynholm Industries' IT Department's two programmers. Super Hans (Peep Show) Motivated almost exclusively by his love for quite literally any drug in the … [d][i] Following the broadcast of the episode "The Speech" in 2008, Linehan blogged a graphic showing Roy's last name as Tenneman,[7] and later changed the spelling to Trenneman for the broadcast of the series 4 episode "Something Happened" in 2010. How to Play. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This In "The Haunting of Bill Crouse", Roy presents a business card that shows only his first name. Roy is a work-shy Irish IT technician and geek who spends much of his time playing video games or reading comics in the office. Commits suicide in the series two premiere in order to escape retribution for his corrupt business dealings. [p] In the episode "Something Happened", he practises the religion of "Spaceology" where he applies "space star ordering" and has his hand replaced with a robotic one. The IT Crowd Comedy Characters Cast Poster Print. Having been away for seven years because of a court case, he attends Denholm's funeral in a dramatic fashion. Author Cory Doctorow said that Roy's snark and misanthropy is identifiable to a certain tribe of nerds. Guest star Lucy Montgomery described Richmond as bit of an Edward Scissorhands. He tried speaking with football terminology and he befriended a gang of bank robbers. [r] In "The IT Crowd Manual", Denholm is described as strict and slightly sociopathic. In reality, Noel Fielding was too busy with filming. [d][e] When answering phone calls, he often uses the phrase "Have you tried turning it off and on again? In his office, he had a picture of himself on the wall, and of the members of The A-Team on the desk. 7 months ago. [8], Richmond is a mild-mannered, posh-accented goth who resides in the IT department server room. Fortunately, Moss left the bank robbers before their first heist and wasn't aware of their activities. This resource is for students studying the new specification Eduqas/WJEC GCSE Media Studies. [e] He makes a guest appearance in series 3 when he beckons his son to join him in a place initially presumed to be heaven until Adolf Hitler appears in the doorway. He was portrayed by Chris Morris. He has been described as awful, sex-crazed,[13] and a serial dater. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The IT Crowd is a Channel 4 sitcom written and directed by Graham Linehan and starring Richard Ayoade, Chris O'Dowd and Katherine Parkinson. The IT Crowd. Douglas was rather laid back and lazy when it came to running the company with his employees being the threads holding his company together despite this he still attended all of the meetings and made deals with various people allying himself with numerous other businesses. Denholm Reynholm is the secondary antagonist in The IT Crowd. He wasn't introduced until the second series. Come Series 3, he is improvising a staged. However, when an incident does arise, he is constantly either injured or embarrassed. Critic Boyd Hilton has said that Roy thinks he is on the cool edge of nerdiness. The son of the former head of Reynholm Industries who takes over the company after his father's suicide. A former up-and-coming executive reporting to Denholm, he discovered black metal band Cradle of Filth and changed his appearance, causing Denholm to feel rather uncomfortable with his appearance and attitude, especially after Richmond had recommended Denholm's grieving mother also listen to Cradle of Filth. Channel 4 sitcom about a computer support team. Trash UK. The IT Crowd Pixel Characters Mug. An ambitious career woman whose dreams of climbing the corporate ladder are always foiled by either her co-workers' antics, her tendency to compulsively lie about her abilities, or her complete lack of understanding of anything relating to computers. Ayoade said Moss was very childlike and positive. [8] Parkinson also said that Jen is sometimes shallow and egotistic.[8]. He would regularly be around the IT department where he would hit on Jen and be perverted towards her while occasionally speaking to Moss and Roy, this appears to be the department he is closest to and the only one he is friends with people in … Linehan said that Morris had set the tone of the series that the characters cannot be realistic. His background as top executive of Reynholm Industries is what allows the main trio to live comfortably at the top at the end of the series without having to do any work. The IT Crowd Have you tried Turning it off and on Again? It follows the adventures of an underappreciated IT department located in the basement of a multi-million organisation called Reynholm Industries. He had used his normal voice for Moss, and he liked that Moss sometimes adopts a confident persona like a child would do. Like this show. He flirts with Jen during the funeral,[e] and later tries to flirt with her when he makes her his personal assistant. Iconic Sequel Character: Becomes a prominent character (and the only addition to the main cast after the original three) to the point where, until the belated release of The Internet is Coming, he was the focal character of the final episode. character further.. While escaping into comic books and video games may be helping them get in their lives for now, they're eventually going to have to let go of their nerdy personas and become real adults. Moss has some quirky habits: He switches through glasses of various sizes in reaction when he and Roy scheme; when his ears get hot, he sprays them with a bottle;[a][9] he uses inhalers;[k] he can detect chemicals such as rohypnol by smell. Season 1.0 menus have animations of the cast in ZX Spectrum graphics. Brainy Brunette: Has dark, curly hair and is hands down the smartest character on the show. He openly boasts about employing attractive people who do very little work and who engage in adulterous relationships. Linehan likened the two to 14-year-olds who like spending time with each other. [i] In "The Internet Is Coming", he is seen in his original goth costume again. He was originally the main antagonist of the show but was replaced by his son after he killed himself. Character archetypes are similar types of character that appear within a genre. Reynholm Indutries' IT Department's "Relationship Manager". Character Development: Subtly done, but still there. Thor: The Dark World (left), Cuban Fury (right). 25 episodes (4 series), 2006 - 2013. • The Fish Out of Water is a character who does not fit into the mainstream this The very first shot of the show was Denholm, with his hands poised together and a really serious look on his face...revealed to be a photograph, underneath which he has the exact same pose! Can you name the main characters from 'The IT Crowd' by their images? Each one a high quality piece of wall art that makes a colourful addition to any room, mixing poster style design with professional quality prints. A strange and mysterious goth who lives in the basement of Reynholm Industries. [6][8], In "The IT Crowd Manual", Parkinson likened Richmond to a damaged bird and vulnerable. Characters. Possesses the mentality of a horny teenager, making him considerably more mature than Moss. [j] In "Return of the Golden Child", during a company executive meeting, he congratulates himself for being so rich, however, when the police arrive to inquire about irregularities in the company's pension fund, he simply opens a window and jumps to his death. Linehan said he originally thought the role should not be played by an Irish person, but that O'Dowd was the best man for the job, especially appreciating his physical performances. Moss and Roy are portrayed as socially-retarded "standard nerds" who spend most of their time reading comics, playing video games a… [i] In sharp contrast to his father, who was a shrewd and very skilled businessman, Douglas lacks even basic business skills, and his management marks a significant downward spiral in the company's fortunes and finances, not helped by his extravagant spending and wasting of company time and resources. One of Reynholm Industries' IT Department's two programmers. The IT Crowd is set in the offices of the fictional London business giant Reynholm Industries, and follows the story of three colleagues and friends there, Roy Trenneman, Maurice Moss and Jen Barber, who work in the dingy unkept IT Departmentin the basement, a vast contrast to the shining, modern architecture and stunning London views enjoyed by some of the higher-ranking employees. Moss begins the series completely oblivious to the fact that his relationship with his mother is seen as weird by most others. He's my favourite way of making fun of people that I really loathe, like Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump. Their friendship is still strong enough that he helps the trio head to the top of the company in the series finale. [8] In series 2, Jen reveals that she was a heavy smoker several years prior; she briefly takes up the habit again, but quits when she realises the anti-smoking regulations have made her more socially isolated. "Hello, IT, have you tried turning it on and off again?" talk to some kids. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you which character from The IT Crowd you are . He appeared as the main antagonist in the first season and a minor character in the first two episodes of the second season. The following is a list of all Deceased Characters seen or mentioned in the British sitcom, The IT Crowd. [f] The series 4 episodes reveal Roy to have globophobia (fear of balloons)[g][5] and being extremely uncomfortable when a masseur planted a kiss on his bottom. Read more >. Possesses a genius intellect and creative mind that are hindered only by every other aspect of his character. Read more >. That and my sweet style. "Chris O'Dowd: from The IT Crowd to Hollywood", "What Roy was actually looking at tonight...", "4 Reasons to Watch The IT Crowd, Like Now", "Katherine Parkinson interview: Sherlock actress on likeability and being 'intimidated' by America", "Inside The Studio Of The IT Crowd's Matt Berry", "Toast of London's Matt Berry: I'm typecast as lady-obsessed and sleazy", "The IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan wants Douglas Reynholm spinoff", "Matt Berry: 'Replacing Chris Morris in The IT Crowd was daunting, "Graham Linehan and Adam Buxton writing Channel 4 sitcom The Cloud", "IT Crowd: Watch behind the scenes on Christmas Eve special documentary",, Lists of British sitcom television characters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 21:29. Then, he starred in Cuban Fury alongside Nick Frost. The IT Crowd. [16] In an interview with Slant, Berry said that the part was written for him,[15] and in Digital Spy, he said he tried to "do his own thing" regarding his portrayal. Linehan also likes Berry's extraordinary voice and gift for comedy. [k] In the series 1 finale where he celebrates the success of Project Icarus, he forgets to acknowledge the IT department which did most of the work on the project, preferring to thank everyone else including the janitors. Roy Trenneman (born c. 1979) is a support technician in the IT Department of Reynholm Industries. I hope it doesn't sound arrogant when I say that I am the greatest man in the world. While technically a member of the IT Department (if only through proximity), he spends most of his time locked in a secret room due to Moss and Roy's dislike of him. The offer great advice such as, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ",[3][4] even using an automated recording of this phrase in "Fifty-Fifty". The IT Crowd was a British comedy originally broadcast by Channel 4 between 2006 - 2013. "I hope this doesn't intimidate you, Jen, but I've found that the best way to greet a new employee is to size them up with a long, hard stare. In at least the first few episodes, he had a habit of saying the wrong thing and then correcting himself— ", Graham Linehan stated in an interview that he initially intended for Roy to. [6], Roy's last name was not given in the first three series. He lives with his mother,[m] who sends him to work with an apple each day,[n] and had sued him when he was eleven for breaking a window. The same reason I do everything, Jen; to have sex with a lady. Maurice Moss (Richard Ayoade) is an extremely socially inept computer genius. The masseuse character is quite different, because whereas Finchy was an infamous lothario obsessed with having sexual relations with women, the masseuse in The IT Crowd whipped off Roy’s towel and kissed him inappropriately. Episodes. She knows very little about electronics and computers,[10] pretending to work even when her desktop and landline phone were revealed to be unplugged or disconnected,[a][b] making statements at executive meetings such as searching "Google" on the Google website would cause the network to crash,[m] and believing that the Internet resides in a physical box. [j], In the documentary "The IT Crowd Manual", Roy is described as a worker who is engaged beneath his capabilities. He even uses it as an answering machine when he can't be bothered to answer the phone. He portrayed The Blind Sorcerer in the episode "Men Without Women", a Restaurant Musician in the episode "Fifty Fifty" and a panicked businessman in "The Speech". Jen is slightly more tolerant, allowing him to tag along with the main trio on occasion. A bitter, slovenly and unmotivated man who devotes much more time and effort toward finding ways to avoid having to do work than he does actually doing his job. Linehan said that he built the show around Ayoade so it was appropriate that he ended the show by turning out the light in the final episode. * A B O U T - T H E - P R I N T All of our prints are designed and produced in the UK by us. [19] In the series 4 finale, he returns without his goth makeup to testify for Douglas Reynholm's divorce case, having founded a business called Goth2Boss where he helps his fellow goths work in society. Regarding his friendship with Moss, O'Dowd said that it seems as if they met in college. [g], In "The IT Crowd Manual", Linehan said that Moss was an amalgam of various stereotypes with some uniqueness brought together by him and Ayoade, and described him as a really nerdy guy and a geek. [8], Denholm is the director of Reynholm Industries at the start of series 1, having started the company with "two things in my possession: a dream, and six million pounds." Stars Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson, Chris Morris and others. • Chris O'Dowd as Roy Trenneman – an IT technician originally from Ireland, Roy despises his job and often goes to great lengths to distract workmates so he can do nothing. He later delivers an impassioned speech about being more sensitive and in touch with his girlfriend's emotions, completely overlooking and ignoring the fact that she's been pepper sprayed and in immense pain (he. He doesn't only star in comedies, though. believing that little people can't make coffee, Linehan favors having annoyed Irishmen as his leads, he'll still try to overact as much as possible, being the loudest person in the room at all times, considers Roy to be the picture of the trendy modern man, Moss begins the series completely oblivious to the fact that his relationship with, At first, Moss is unable to pick up the most basic social cues. Oddly fixated on spending time with the IT Department, causing him to be a frequent source of annoyance to the main trio. The IT Crowd. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of The IT Crowd with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at [17][8] In "The IT Crowd Manual", Berry described Douglas as so confident and privileged that he did not care where things would come out wrong, cause offence, or make him look like a fool. He explains Goth2Boss did not work out as planned and he now works as a voiceover artist. A socially-inept yet good-natured uber nerd and all-around weirdo who still lives with his mother. [i][9] He admits he is horrible at lying, and demonstrated this with his lies concerning Jen in the episode "The Haunting of Bill Crouse" when he tells Bill that Jen has died. He tried a cookery course and ended up befriending a German cannibal (parodying the then-recent Armin Mewes incident). A thoroughly corrupt and idiotic man with a flair for theatrics and philandering. [p][11], She becomes obsessed by pursuits such as buying cute shoes even though they are far too small for her feet,[k] and trying to impress good-looking men,[f][c] but her attempts to start relationships turn out to be disastrous. [9] The humour in his character is derived from his socially awkward comments and his complex and in-depth knowledge of specialised technical subjects, including chemistry and electronic engineering. I basically just have happen to him all the things that I'd love to happen to them, and it's basically a really enjoyable process." He then has to use spices in his eyes to seem appropriately sad... before laughing his hole off at the grandfather's funeral because his side of the family is comprised of little people. [a][b][c] His work attire is casual compared to his colleagues; choosing to wear jeans and geek chic T-shirts. Season 1.0 menus have animations of the cast in ZX Spectrum graphics. [h][15] He occasionally brings up the topic of denying having killed his first wife, and in the series 4 finale, he reunites with ex-wife Victoria for two weeks before they break up and he is sued for a large sum of money. Weird's all I've got. [d] He suppresses his urges to cuss and does not like to break the rules, with an exception in the "Bad Boys" episode when he and Roy ditch work after lunch and he gets in trouble for shoplifting, consequently having to do three hours of community service and give a Scared Straight! I like being weird. [b][18] Richmond's absence from series 3 is explained as him having scurvy,[r] but Linehan noted in an episode commentary that Fielding was too busy on other projects. Cross ur fingers and hope for Moss. Parkinson said Moss was a classic square, a timeless nerd. The IT Crowd - The Internet Box Mug $ 17.59. [h][i] In the episode special "The Internet Is Coming", Roy says that his new girlfriend described him with the phrase "artistic spectrum" although it is later revealed she probably said "autistic spectrum". Fielding said he based Richmond's voice on Roger Waters' after watching a Pink Floyd documentary.[8]. ...and then the rest of the world's IT workers synch in as well. [h] Roy's family do not appear in the series, but in the episode "Aunt Irma Visits", he finds the resemblance of Moss's psychiatrist to his own mother disturbing. Richard Ellef Ayoade (/ aɪ. [a][1][2] Prior to his IT job, he worked as a waiter; he said he would carry the food of rude customers in his trousers before serving it to them. The IT Crowd follows Support Technicians for Reynholm Industries. He went to a dinner party and wound up with a love-starved woman. Like this show. [l] As part of the subsequent sexual harassment settlement, he was required to wear "electric sex pants" that deliver shocks whenever he is aroused at work, although Moss disarms them later. O'Dowd said that Roy is slightly more capable of talking to people than Moss, but is still a man-child and slightly socially inept. This article is within the scope of WikiProject Fictional characters, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of fictional characters on Wikipedia. Appears in all episodes. Main characters Roy - The lazy, laid-back support technician of Reynholm Industries whose work day consists of playing video games, indulging himself on sugar and crisps, and reading comics and doing the minimum amount of work as possible. [14] He has a history of sexual harassment, which is one of the conditions he has to control in order to take over the company. He was the former second-in-command of Reynholm Industries, with all of the business savvy that title suggests. Douglas is introduced in series 2 where he takes over Reynholm Industries after his father Denholm's death. [e][q], In an interview with The Independent, Parkinson said that Linehan originally wanted Jen to be "likeable" but "I know what he wanted now – he wanted her to be the more normal person people could relate to.” Although she would act as the straight woman to the two guys, her klutziness was well-received by the audience.